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Bandai Gundam x Nike SB Unicorn (Destroy Mode) (1/144 Scale) Model Kit Action Figure Set

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For nearly four decades, Mobile Suit Gundam has solidified itself as one of the most instantly recognizable pieces of Japanese media. Ver más
The Mobile Suit Gundam anime premiered in 1979 and has since been adapted into video games, manga, and of course, Gundam model kits. Gundam model kits have been a staple of the Gundam universe for decades, and collectors will spend thousands of dollars for the opportunity to build and showcase their Gundam collectibles. If you’re new to the hobby, StockX has an assortment of Gundam model kits to get you started. If you’re a veteran, we have rare and sought after Gundam model kits to purchase. Popular Gundam model kit collaborations include the now-iconic Bandai Gundam x Nike SB models, which are also available to buy and sell on StockX.