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Kith Thompson Crochet Buttondown Black

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KITH began in 2011 when Ronnie Fieg founded the company. It merges the retail outlet with the philosophies of a lifestyle brand that can work for adults and kids. Ver más
Fieg had already made a name for himself as a well-known figure in footwear by the time he launched KITH. Family is an important concept to the brand, and the name KITH derives its title from the old Scottish phrase "kith and kin," otherwise known as "friends and family." It isn't uncommon to see followers of streetwear fashion waiting in line to check out KITH's latest offerings. The brand creates appeal and hype as part of its business model. The company may drop a few pieces on a weekly basis and top everything off with limited collaborations. Streetwear aficionados appreciate that KITH does not have a seasonal calendar, but part of the appreciation for the brand is in how intuitive it is. KITH clothing mixes high fashion with an air of relaxation. The KITH Summer Tie Dye Tee in Blue/Pink and the KITH Williams 3 Hoodie in Ash Rose exemplify this approach to a comfortable and fashionable lifestyle that is part of the company's mission statement.