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Nike x Stussy The Wide World Tribe T-Shirt White

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Nike rose to prominence in the 1970s as one of the world's leading designers of sports shoes. Since then, the company has expanded to design all sorts of sports and casual apparel. The cutting-edge fashion company Stussy rose to prominence in the 1980s when designer Shawn Stussy popularized the surf wear trend emanating from Southern California, a trend later adopted by the hip hop and skateboard scenes. On Nike Apparel Stussy on StockX, you can find sportswear that results as the collaboration between these two iconic powerhouses. Lire la suite
On Nike Apparel Stussy, you can find a number of high-end fashionable sportswear garments. Some of these include tees, decal T-shirts, shorts, sweatpants, fleeces, and jackets. Branding is visible on most of these items, and when it is, it is a combination of both the Nike branding and the Stussy branding. For instance, some items have Nike branding on the front and Stussy branding on the back. Some of the items on Nike Apparel Stussy are available in US sizing and others in Asia sizing. Those in Asia sizing are marked as such. Many of the items featured on Nike Apparel Stussy on StockX have a traditional sportswear look and come in colorways such as gray, white, and black. Other items of the apparel pop with more vibrant color. For example, you can find items in habanero red, pink, and shades of yellow such as bright cactus and volt. Some items are multicolored with hues in a gradient from yellow to orange to brown or in a mixture of white and blues and greens.