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The Air Jordan 16 was the result of transition. In 2001, a new shoe designer, Wilson Smith III, was very eager to make his mark in a big way. Lire la suite
The Air Jordan 16 was a sports shoe unlike any other. It included a black spat that covered the upper. This piece hid the shoe's laces and gave the Jordan 16 a very unique silhouette. The so-called shroud featured decorative stitching on the sides and plenty of texture in the tongue area. It was easily removable thanks to a magnetic closure. Other distinctive design features for the 16 include a patent leather toe. The influence of marching boots on the design really shows in these two features. Though the Air Jordan 16 is a somewhat quirky shoe, it made a big splash upon its release and has been revisited by the brand several times. The Jordan 16 Retro in White/Midnight Navy is a striking two-tone shoe with patent tongue detail in addition to the toe. A collaboration with Trophy Room produced a vibrant French Blue/White colorway.