January 10, 2023

Best of Built Different

JaKaila Mustafa

Copywriter @StockX

Styles and stories from our brand ambassadors throughout the year. Read on to find out what's in store for 2023.

Styles and stories from our brand ambassadors throughout the year. Read on to find out what's in store for 2023.

This article is part 13 of 9 in the series: Built Different

As a member of the editorial team at StockX, we got to share 2022 with some amazing people in current culture. We told their stories, and showed how they impact their local communities all over the country, and had the opportunity to collaborate with them in major ways. While we head full steam into 2023, let’s journey back to one of our team’s favorite projects of the past year, a look back at the Build Different campaign of 2022. 

Featuring our all-star team of StockX brand ambassadors, this campaign launched in-tandem with Women’s History Month last March, focusing on the idea of showcasing women in our cultural space making their own lane through their passion, skill, and creativity. The ensuing journey took us through their stories and cities to in-person and online activations that took place across the country. The message became clear: Built Different wasn’t just a moment. It became a movement. Becoming a year long initiative telling powerful stories of women breaking ground to build a new foundation of empowerment for the next generation. 

Built Different spread the message that diversity is nothing without inclusion. It’s about showing the world the importance of working together to uplift those around you, those who may need an extra boost. This initiative gave light to communities all over, from athletes to gamers, to activists to stylists, and so many more. 


During this series, we discussed the importance of being a woman in otherwise “male-dominating” industries. The barriers that it took to break through, the constant misconceptions women face in being powerful and outspoken, and the challenge of making  real change while being true to yourself. Part of our Built Different coverage, we knew these women had common interests and were standing together to make change happen, but being built different also meant standing out. We asked them what it means to be built different and the responses were nothing short of inspiring:

Briana King

Briana King, whilst gracefully balancing on a chair on top of a rooftop in Downtown LA, told us what being built meant to her. 

“I am built different because I’m built off of my community. I want women around me to know that I worked really hard to get to where I am. But also that it is possible to get to this point.” 

The trailblazing skateboarder and community activist was ready for anything in this all-red sweatsuit that she paired with a Medium Telfar Duffle Bag. As a true sneakerhead, she finished her look with these Jordan 1 Retro High Satin Black Toes. Her overall look was a standout set during the Shop the Look series of Built Different.

Paige Beuckers

Next, we had the UConn Women’s Basketball star Paige Beuckers, who radiated this beautifully created space in an Honor The Gift matching set, while sporting a pair of the Nike SB Dunk Low Mummy. These all-white Dunks level (and layer) up with a deconstructed look and glow-in-the-dark soles, showing you know how to put your own spin on the zeitgeist. Finally, Bueckers completes the look with the Louis Vuitton Montsouris Backpack, a gorgeous luxury handbag that gives off big boss vibes.

My definition of “Built Different” would probably just be about your mindset for me. Having a competitive edge in everything that you do. Trying to be the best in everything that you do. Working super hard at it, having a great faith. My favorite saying is that celebrating others does not diminish your success. For everyone to grow, you have to be selfless in that. Not everybody gets the same opportunities in life, so I want to use my privilege to build other women around me.”

Jamad Fiin

Back in Boston, our newest ambassador Jamad Fiinn celebrated her 23rd birthday with our entire production crew while talking about her hometown roots. Before surprising the inspiring basketball star with her own cake and birthday sing-a-long, we sat down with Fiin to discuss why the StockX partnership was so important. 

“I hope people take away from this partnership with StockX, just looking how different you  can be and then incorporating your culture, your religion with style and with fashion and really emphasizing you can look good and still be a hooper, still be into fashion and still play a sport, and you don’t always have to look like a tomboy and stuff like that. But you can be stylish, too. You can find your own authenticity.”

The birthday girl shined in these Jordan 23 Engineered Utility Trousers, the Holiday 2021 fan-favorite Cool Grey Jordan 11s. She maximized her finished look with the large, Double Mint Green Telfar Shopping Bag.


Sydeon brought boldness and lightness to the Downtown LA warehouse. The Twitch streamer and content creator kept it cool flowing and colorful on the set of her shoot in the Off-White x Nike Dunk Low Lot 26, with the bold red Prada Re-Edition of the 2000s Mini Nylon Bag. 

We enjoyed our conversation with Sydeon as we discussed the importance of communities of women supporting each other, why it’s so important for women to continue to make an impact throughout the world, and feeling underestimated.

“It is so important to show up for, and champion, other women. I try my best to support other women in the [gaming] space, women who have supported me, and women who don’t even know my name. If I see an opportunity in gaming for any woman in the space who’s trying to make it or has already arrived, I’m going to work hard to pass that opportunity to you.  It’s super important to share the wealth because if we’re all growing and succeeding, it only helps us as a community. And so I am a huge proponent of championing other women.”


Maria Lopez (Chica), our newest Brand Ambassador, invited us to her home of Toronto, Canada for a candid conversation on the importance of creating communities for women and LGBTQIA+ in gaming, always supporting women, always being authentic, and working to inspire the next generation. 

“Built different, if someone were to say that to me – in gaming terms – it means that you are god. You know, like, “Man, this person is built different. They’re unique. They’re so good at what they’re doing.” And I think it’s the same thing in real life because when you’re built differently, you have different experiences. You have gone through different challenges and just overcame them; it’s made you powerful. That’s what built different means for me.”

Chica brings the chairman of the board energy with the adidas IVY PARK Halls of Ivy Suit Jacket that includes subtle lines of Semi Solar Slime in the pattern to keep the piece from being boring. And not to get stuffy with it, Chica pairs the jacket with the incredibly cool adidas IVY PARK Knit Catsuit.

In addition to our influential talent, we were able to integrate some of our own StockX women into the conversation. Through various Discord panels, we discussed the nuances of being a woman while working in the sneaker industry. 


Built Different captured an honest and insightful look at what it’s like to be a woman navigating in worlds that weren’t necessarily designed for them. Though focused and determined to make these spaces large enough for like-minded individuals, we’ve seen that there’s still so much more work to be done. In the end, I found that there was one vital thread to the Built Different campaign: These women are excited to hold the door open for the generation of women following close behind them. 

So now,  we at StockX pose one important question as we enter into 2023: How will this year be built different?