The Cultivated Wrist

We’re doing things a little different for this edition of the Cultivated Wrist, in honor of giving sellers 50% off fees all week (use code WATCHX50 when placing your Ask), we’ve pulled out some of the best Bids sitting out there for the taking. Think of this as real-time demand monitoring, and if you got a lot of watches sitting around take full advantage of this offer by browsing all open Bids right here. Let’s jump in to the Bids.

Rolex Daytona

No surprise here, Bid activity remains strong on ceramic Daytonas of either color. Asks have reached into the mid $20k range, but sales are happening in the high to mid teens on a consistent basis. This Bid of $15,500 for the black dial is right at market value, and is still a fair amount north of the MSRP. If you’re ready to pass the baton on yours, hit the Bid right here.

Omega Speedmaster

Another must have watch that seems to trade hands with the passing of the seasons, the venerable Omega Speedmaster. Prices for this Speedmaster, which features a hand wound movement and hesalite crystal for max nostalgia, have remained steady in the mid $3k range, and this Bid of $3,050 is right in the sweet spot. Get your Ask in right here.

Patek Philippe Nautilus

We’d never recommend selling your Patek 5980, but if you need to, here’s a good place to start. Here’s an opening Bid of $41,000, and we’d suspect there’s some room for movement. This is endgame levels of watch, but as we all know, things don’t always end that easily. If you’ve been eyeing that 5740 since March and need to make some room, here’s your chance.

Tudor Black Bay

Here’s a surprise, OG Black Bays with ETA movements (and the beautiful Rose on the dial) are holding their value quite well these days. This example, with the burgundy bezel, was the premier of the name way back in 2012. The Bid is currently a touch over $2,000 – shoot your shot right here.

Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean

A perennial favorite from Omega, the Seamaster Planet Ocean is seemingly always in demand. That’s the story with this example with black dial, orange bezel, and more reasonable 42mm case size. It’s a lot of watch for the money and we’ve seen Bidding regularly over $2,000. List your Ask right here.

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