A browse through our previous editions of The Cultivated Wrist may have you feeling like this whole watch hobby thing is a bit too pricey to get into. While we do generally feature watches north of the $5,000 mark (with exceptions), there are a great many watches under the $1,000 price point, and even a few that won’t make you the recipient of scorn at the next watch gathering in your area. Today, we’re highlighting cool watches that can be had for under $1,000, and in most cases, under $500.

Casio G-Shock 6900 KITH

Casio’s G-Shock brand has a cult-like following, and for good reason. These watches are as tough as they come (that’s kinda their thing) G-Shocks are built in a massive variety of colors, offer every complication you’d ever need, and are generally priced well under $500 (there are a few big exceptions to that). Likewise, KITH has quite the devoted following, so when the clothing and lifestyle brand offered a collaboration with G-Shock people were rightfully excited. This one has been seeing action above retail this week, but can still be had a decent amount under $500.

Seiko Prospex SRP777

We love Seiko around here, and since our recent addition of Seiko’s more accessible (and lovable) Prospex divers, you can too. Don’t let the size fool you on this one, the SRP777 wears much easier than its 45mm case size would suggest thanks to its cushion shaped case the tapers toward the edges. Not only does this watch have loads of character (notice the crown integrated to the case at 4 o’clock), but every bit of it is made in-house by Seiko. This example can be had for under $400 right here.

Autodromo Group B

Autodromo’s Group B watch is a celebration of auto racing at its finest. The FIA Group B regulations may have only lasted 4 short years in the 80s before it was disbanded, but it delivered some of the greatest racing cars history as ever seen. Autodromo has captured much of the charm of the age with the Group B watch with brushed silver dials, a variety of colorways, and a svelte, titanium and steel case. It gets bonus points for being extremely wearable at 39mm. This example can be had for under $1,000 right here.

Casio G-Shock LE DW5600

If you’re a fan of G-Shock and of keeping this old school, this limited edition DW5600 for you. The cream case and strap are accented with pink details. Did we mention this is a limited edition collaboration with French streetwear brand Pigalle? Better yet, it can be had for under $200 right here.