January 6, 2023

Five Sneakers to Watch in 2023

Elhadji Mare

Elhadji Is a Content Manager and Copywriter @ StockX

2023 will surely be one to remember for sneakers. We check off which sneakers and brands are expected to make a big impact in this new year.

2023 will surely be one to remember for sneakers. We check off which sneakers and brands are expected to make a big impact in this new year.

Last year, we saw brands coming into their own and letting their brand identity come out more. And with the news of what’s expected to come out in the new year, 2023 is shaping to be the year where more of these brands start to branch out into their own lanes. New Balance continues to push boundaries within the collaborative space, working with notable talent that’s rich with culture. While Reebok is expected to dig deeper into their archives to reintroduce the silhouettes that made them so prolific in the 1980s and 1990s. As always, we can expect brands like Nike and Jordan to deliver noteworthy releases this year as well, but there’s something about this particular new year that tells us that other brands will begin creeping up on the Swoosh’s and Jumpman’s spotlight. Check out which sneakers and brands you should be looking out for in 2023.    

Salomon and the XT-6

From their well-executed collaborations to their sneakers helping lead the ongoing gorpcore trend, Salomon had a great 2022. The Salomon XT-6 was one of our top sneakers of last year, in large part, due to its versatile utilitarian functionality. But also, are we wrong for just saying it looks really cool? The bungee-cord lacing system, the variety of bright and vibrant colorways, and the sleek shape of the XT-6 are just some of the reasons to love the trail runner. These qualities should be enough to keep the hype for Salomon alive in the new year, but we should also expect to see other silhouettes, like their XT-4, ACS-Pro, and XT-Wings 2 make a greater appearance as well.     

Reebok and the Club C

As of March of 2022, Reebok and adidas officially parted ways, as the Three Stripes sold its ownership of Reebok to Authentic Brands Group. For those unaware, adidas acquired Reebok back in 2005 for $3.8 Billion and its purchase was to help get ahead of Nike in the sportswear market. But through the years, adidas found that Reebok wasn’t becoming a fruitful investment for them and fans of Reebok could attest to the fact that Reebok was losing its creative flare. But this departure from adidas has been an optimistic decision for Reebok CEO Todd Krinsky, who sees the upward potential Reebok has to offer in the sneaker space. In an interview with Complex, Krinsky says that he feels “like this is a great, great brand that has been somewhat marginalized in the marketplace…[we] are so excited to bring this brand back and unleash the brand in the marketplace. It’s just really a breath of fresh air.” In 2022, it seemed as though Reebok was starting to make a name for itself within streetwear fashion, with its impressive run of collaborative drops from Nicole McLaughlin, Tyrell Winston, JJJJound, and Maison Margiela. As silhouettes like the Club C and Workout Plus seem to become more popular within current trends, we can expect Reebok to revitalize other older silhouettes in their catalog. 

Jordan Brand and the Air Jordan 3

Pre-aged sneakers are nothing new but when Jordan Brand does it, it’s something special. There was a time back in 2022 and 2021 when people were DIY-ing their sneakers, using buckets of coffee and steam to warp leathers and add discoloration to give them a vintage look. It seems as though Jordan Brand is looking to put their own spin on the trend, and they’re using it to bring new life to some of their older, and more notable colorways. Late last year, the sneaker world saw the return of the iconic Chicago 1 and with it, came a new vintage, pre-worn look that hasn’t been seen on a Jordan 1 Chicago retro. This year, the Air Jordan 3 White Cement adds to the ongoing trend for Jordan Brand, with its yellowed accents on the heel and midsole of the sneaker. This sneaker will surely be one of the top releases from the brand in 2023 as the White Cement sneaker hasn’t had a true OG retro treatment since 2013’s AJ3 White Cement ‘88. With full Nike Air treatment on the heel tab and smooth tumbled leather uppers, the sneaker will surely be a reimagining of the classic sneaker and be something to look forward to in the coming months. 

New Balance and the 990v6

New Balance is a brand that continues to produce high-quality products that are still both innovative and attractive and their latest 990v6 is a prime example. The 990v6 is the newest member of New Balance’s ongoing 990 series, and it delivers its signature mesh and suede concoction in a sleeker, more inlined package. Since the 990v6 was introduced in late 2022, we can expect to see so much in store for the 990v6. New Balance is still considered one of the best when it comes to collaborations as well, and the 990 series is usually the go-to canvas for most of their talent. There are already rumors of a collaboration with cook-turned-rapper-turned-gym aficionado Action Bronson on the 990v6, and with other musical talents like Aminé and Jack Harlow on NB’s roster, there will surely be more love for the 990v6 hitting the market.

Nike and the General Purpose Shoe

The NikeCraft General Purpose Shoe is a sneaker that was never meant to be hype-driven to designer Tom Sachs. Sachs wanted to convey to the public that “your sneakers should not be the most exciting thing about you. They are tools.” Despite the initial purpose of the sneaker, the General Purpose Shoe gained a lot of hype and was on many “Top Sneakers of 2022” lists, including our own. Anything that Tom Sachs touches with Nike turns to instant gold and the General Purpose Shoe is no different. The GPS by no means is nothing too exuberant in design, but that’s the allure of it — it’s a reliable, durable, and easy to wear with practically anything. This year, it’s speculated that more colorways will arrive, allowing for more people to style them in diverse ways that they see fit, making it something to look out for this year.