Accessories - November 22, 2022

Insultingly Expensive Gifts You Need

Jamie Delaney

Associate Creative Director @ StockX

In this economy? Expensive gifts mean a little bit more than usual. Show off your clout accordingly.

In this economy? Expensive gifts mean a little bit more than usual. Show off your clout accordingly.

We’ve all seen it happen. The workplace holiday gift exchange budget gets forgotten, someone shows up with a shockingly expensive gift, and, like any good episode of “Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives”, you’re both impressed and also disgusted at the same time. But what if the budget is already out the window? What if, you feel like now’s the time to take full advantage of your loved ones’ good graces and holiday guilt to finally ask for the most ridiculously expensive gifts you can possibly imagine?

To all the clout chasers, we got your back with an insultingly expensive shopping guide you’re going to hide in your bookmarks for years to come.

Nike Air Force One Low Brooklyn

If you’re looking to ball out this holiday season, StockX has you covered. The Off-White Brooklyn Air Force One is one of the most insanely expensive sneakers on the site, and for good reason. Released in tandem with the late Virgil Abloh’s “Figures of Speech” exhibition, it boasts an electric light green spark colorway with metallic swooshes and Virgil’s signature exposed tongue to boot. It’s rightfully in the conversation for sneaker of the year. Pull up with these, the MCAs and the ICAs and you’re basically looking like a Hypebeast Bezos.

Bottega Veneta Chain Cassette Crossbody Bag

Rock a smile as big as Margot Robbie and join her on your own Bottega phase (Chanel did Margot dirty btw). Crafted in Italy with the iconic intrecciato weave, this bag is a masterclass in luxury gift giving. You can never go wrong with black but don’t sleep on the statement piece opportunities with the other colorways — the teal-washed gold is a sneaky banger as well.

Funko Pop! Dragonball Z Planet Arlia Vegeta Toy Tokyo NYCC Figure #10

Blow all of your nieces’ and nephews’ Funk Pop! collections out of the water with this ultra-rare Dragon Ball Z collectible. Originally released at New York Comic Con in 2014, this specific Vegeta is a Toy Tokyo exclusive, making it extremely limited and rare – to the point where it is now worth over $3,000 USD. Flex on every five-year-old with this Funko Pop! stuffed in your stocking.

Supreme 20th Anniversary Box Logo Tee

A t-shirt in December is always a gamble, but knowing you spent over a rack on the tee should make your heart grow three sizes that day. To commemorate its 20th anniversary back in 2014, Supreme released a special edition box logo tee. Made from premium cotton and featuring a unique retro design, this shirt is a true collector’s item.

If you’re looking to invest (emphasis on invest) in a piece of Supreme history, the 20th-anniversary box logo tee is the perfect gift. With its limited-edition design and high-quality construction, this shirt is sure to become a valuable asset for any Supreme fan.