Sneakers - December 6, 2018

New Balance 1500 Archive, 1989-2016

Kevin Kosanovich

Kevin holds a Ph.D. in American studies and is an expert in American cultural history and hip-hop. He is the Senior Content Manager at StockX.

StockX is proud to present the New Balance 1500 archive, built from years of research by collector and brand enthusiast Matt Kyte. From the first 1500s produced in 1989, the craftsmanship of the “Made in England” models, to samples and 1-of-1 editions, we present the most complete history of the New Balance 1500 anywhere.

The New Balance 1500 archive. Now you know.

New Balance 1500 Made in USA


New Balance 1500 Made in England

New Balance 1500 Samples

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