Accessories - March 5, 2019

Review: Three Watches for $3,000!

Elhadji Mare

Elhadji Is a Content Manager and Copywriter @ StockX

Building a watch collection takes a lot of time in research and deal hunting, not to mention money, not just on the watches you want, but on the inevitable mistakes you’ll make along the way. Let us help you with this three watch collection that’ll be good to go from day 1. This collection covers all your bases, from iconic tool watch, a proper formal wear option, and a weekend beater. We’re talking about the Rolex Submariner Date ref 16610, the IWC Portuguese, and the Casio G-Shock 35th Anniversary Frogman – and we’re giving you the chance to buy all 3 together for just $3,000.

Why these three watches? We think a collection should have coverage across your entire wardrobe, and offer something useful for any occasion life is bound to throw at you. Here’s a breakdown of all three watches.

Rolex Submariner Date

The Submariner is perhaps the most iconic Rolex of them all. It’s a watch that’s done it all, from its roots as a reliable diver’s tool in the 50’s, to its decades proven reputation as an all around work horse. It just so happens to look pretty good on the wrist, as well. Being the go-to watch of Connery’s Bond, and personalities like Steve McQueen never hurts, either. This is a watch that slots pretty much everywhere in your wardrobe, and serves as a perfect daily companion, becoming especially practical with the date complication in tow. A Sub deserves a spot in every collection, and we think it’s the perfect start to this triple threat.

IWC Portuguese

The IWC Portuguese has a rich history that traces back to the 1930s, and is in many ways the heart of IWC chronometers. The oversized cases served a purpose in housing more accurate pocket watch movements of the day. The Portuguese reference IW545404 carries this tradition, with a 44mm case housing a hand-wound movement, visible from edge to edge through the caseback. It even captures the look of original examples, with a railroad chapter ring, and the oversized small seconds sub dial at 6 o’clock. We love this watch for a collection for its ability to fit into the most daper of formal wear, as well as looking right at home in more business casual wear.

Casio G-Shock 35th Anniversary Frogman

At the off chance you hadn’t noticed, 2018 was the 35th anniversary of the G-Shock brand, created by Kikuo Ibe in 1983. The G-Shock quickly became the de facto tough-as-nails timepiece by which all others are judged. The Frogman models, first released in 1993, are no exception, featuring a shock resistant housing, tough solar power technology, along with tide and moon data available at a glance. This is a watch that deserves a spot in your collection for its durability, practicality, and all around usefulness, making it a perfect companion for your most rugged activities.

Picking up all three of these watch independently, as of writing this, would cost just south of $15,000. That’s a hefty sum, but a fair price to pay for 3 watches that’ll serve you for life, and never run the risk of going out of style. It also makes the possibility of getting the lot for just $3,000 all the more tantalizing. Don’t miss your chance to begin and end your collection right here at StockX, by getting your Bid in right here.