Chanel offers a wide array of handbags suited for every occasion  Whether you need a large day bag or a simpler and sleeker evening purse, Chanel has you covered. A detailed review of Chanel’s line provides you all the information you need to choose the perfect handbag.  

Chanel Signature Leathers

Chanel Caviar Leather:

The Chanel Caviar leather features grained calfskin leather best known for its durability. Though sturdy and tough, it holds the shape of the handbag very well. Scratches and marks don’t show up as easily on the Caviar leather, making it a practical, everyday bag.If you are looking for a low maintenance bag this is the one for you.

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Chanel Lambskin Leather:

The Chanel Lambskin Leather is known for its soft and silky feel, making it a favorite among Chanel aficionados . The delicacy of the lambskin leather necessitates regular upkeep to keep the handbag in optimal condition. The Lambskin leather brings a gorgeous, luxurious look to any handbag, wallet, or accessory, a must have for your closet.

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Chanel Crinkled Calfskin:

The Chanel Crinkled Calfskin leather gives you a pre-wrinkled look that is just as soft as the Lambskin but provides the durability necessary for an everyday bag. This material is popular among the reissue flaps, adding texture to the classic Chanel design.

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Chanel Camellia Flower:

The inspiration of the Chanel Camellia Flower Leather exterior design is derived from Coco Chanel’s personal experiences and interests. The camellia flower is said to be Chanel’s favorite flower and this leather features a pattern of the floral print with the iconic CC logo in the center of each flower.

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Chanel Patent Leather:

The Patent Leather gives you a glossy and shimmery look and is featured on the classic pattern that covers Chanel handbags. Though less common than other leathers, you can find Chanel patent leather in several classic styles at StockX. The glossy feel makes it easy to clean but can sometimes suffer color transfer, be sure to handle this handbag with care. With a Chanel Patent Leather handbag, you’re bound to make a statement.

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Chanel Signature Closures and Locks

Chanel CC Turn Lock:

In 1983, when Karl Lagerfeld took over as head designer at Chanel, he introduced the CC turn-lock design to the classic flap bags, creating an icon for Chanel handbags.

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Chanel Mademoiselle Turn Lock:

In 2005, Karl Lagerfeld reissued Coco Chanel’s classic flap design in commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the bag. This bag is now referred to as the ‘Reissue’ style or as the ‘Mademoiselle’ lock.

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Chanel Boy Bag Closure:

Karl Lagerfeld created this unique lock featuring the iconic CC logo with a unique-push clasp button in a 2011 Collection. Lagerfeld paid tribute to Arthur “Boy” Capel, the love of Coco’s life with this bag.

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Chanel Signature Hardware

Inspired by soldier’s bag straps, Chanel has introduced different kinds of chains on their bags over the years, all of which are iconic in their own way. It’s said that Chanel drew the inspiration for this chain from key holders used by the nuns in the orphanage where she grew up.  

Chanel Classic Leather Chain:

This is the most popular and widely recognized Chanel chain with leather entwined amongst buckles, most common on the Chanel classic flap.

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Chanel Reissue Chain:

This Chanel chain can only be found on the Chanel Reissue or 2.55 handbags.

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Chanel Bijoux Chain:

Now discontinued, this chain was featured on classic flap bags and the reissue style bags. Chanel produced the Bijoux chain in 2007 & 2008. These chains are wide-set chain links.

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Chanel Boy Bag Chain:

The chain that is featured on the Chanel Boy Bag is a bulky chain, similar to the look of the Bijoux, complemented with a leather portion that allows you to adjust the length of your handbag to suit your height and preference.

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