StockX 313 Day Playlist on TIDAL

313 Day—March 13— is Detroit’s day to celebrate—its people, its culture, itself. Detroit’s official/unofficial holiday is celebrated every March 13 because Detroit’s area code is 313.

To celebrate 313 Day, StockX connected with eighteen of Detroit’s most prominent artists curating mini-playlists of the music that represents Detroit and has fueled their art. The “StockX 313 Day Playlist on TIDAL” is a sonic blast from the cultural cutting edges of Detroit and StockX.

We’re excited to be collaborating with TIDAL in the wake of their recently announced  TIDAL UNPLUGGED program for Detroit musicians. The $1 million endowment program is designed to support emerging, Detroit musicians pursue a career as an artist.

In addition to the playlist, we’re also having a party! If you’re in Detroit on March 13, join StockX and several hundred of your closest friends at the Underground at Detroit Institute of Music Education from 6-9 pm for the “StockX Presents: 313 Day In Conversation.” Make sure you RSVP here.

Also, some of the artists dropped by the great space at The Eightfold Collective to talk with StockX about music, their playlists, and who could be the Rolex, or Nike, among other brands, of the Detroit music scene?

So, peruse all the artists’ playlists below and check back here on Wednesday, March 13, when the StockX 313 Day Playlist on TIDAL goes live!

Icewear Vezzo, “China Club”

StockX 313 Day Playlist on TIDAL

Icewear Vezzo | @icewear_vezzo

“China Club was the spot I used to go to when I was in high school. Growing up on East Warren had a huge impact on my music and set the tone for my rap career. Those parties made me wanna be that nigga. Those crowds made me want to see crowds of people rapping my songs, and I still keep that energy to this day.”

“China Club”

Tee Grizzley, “Grizzley Gang”

StockX 313 Day Playlist on TIDAL

Tee Grizzley | @tee_grizzley

“I don’t have a backstory behind this playlist. I just fuck with these songs, heavy.”

“Grizzley Gang”

1) Chief Keef – Faneto
2) Tee Grizzley – First Day Out
3) Young MA – Petty Wap
4) Sada Baby – Stacy
5) Yella Beezy – That’s On Me
6) Dej Loaf – Try Me

Sada Baby, “Grizzley Gang”

StockX 313 Day Playlist on TIDAL

Sada Baby | @sadababy

“This is my collection of dope music that helped craft my sound as an artist. All of my music is autobiographical so I definitely vibe with real people speaking on real shit. My influences are very eclectic, just like me.”

“Grizzley Gang”

1) Boosie Badazz – Wipe Me Down ft. Webbie and Foxx
2) GS Boyz – Stanky Legg
3) Lathun – Freak It
4) Youngbloodz – Damn!
5) Gucci Mane – Street Nigga
6) Kodak Black – Vulture City

 DJ BJ & DJ Ray, “Spirit of Detroit” 

StockX 313 Day

DJ BJ | @djbj3525 (L); DJ Ray | @djrayyadig (R)

DJ BJ, “Spirit of Detroit”

“I picked these specific songs for my playlist to show different sides of Detroit along with the cultural shift of Detroit Music. Over the years of watching the Detroit sound evolve, it’s been an honor to continue to be the VOICE OF THE STREETS.”

1) Icewear Vezzo – Balance ft. Big Sean
2) Babyface Ray – The Streets ft. 42 Dugg
3) Sada Baby – Pimp Named Drip Dat
4) Geebaby – Nosey ft. HBK
5) Peezy – Winter Time Grind
6) Sino – I Want You ft. Bryan Hamilton

DJ Ray, “Spirit of Detroit”

“These are six of my favorite songs coming out of Detroit right now and I wanted to use my platform to shed a light on these artists, and introduce them to the world.”

1) RSXGLD – True
2) D Hall the Queen – Can’t Wait
3) 42 Dugg – Tripping
4) Jaamal Abiade – This A Bop
5) Supakaine – Get Like Me
6) Young Roc – Hurt

42 Dugg, “Royal Skateland”

StockX 313 Day

42 Dugg | @42_dugggg

“These are the songs that get me through the day. It’s a mix of songs for when I’m going through something and need to get my mind right, and when I’m ready to turn up.”

“Royal Skateland”

1) Bagboy Melle – Big Dawg
2) Cash Kidd – Pray ft. Peezy
3) Babyface Ray – Scared of Them
4) Icewear Vezzo – European
5) Dej Loaf – Big Shit Talker
6) Bandgang Masoe – I Know ft. Bandgang Paid Will

Dej Loaf,”Royal Skateland”

StockX 313 Day

Dej Loaf | @dejloaf

“This playlist will take you down memory lane while looking forward to the Future”

“Royal Skateland”

1) Pimp C – Is A Playa
2) Rylo Rodriguez – Project Baby
3) 2 Chainz – I Said Me
4) Gunna – Babu Birkin
5) Leon Thomas  – Sunken Place
6) Burna Boy – More Life


Key Wane, “’04 Pistons”

StockX 313 Day

Key Wane | @keywane

“Detroit music has a musical soul that is unmatched. It’s inspired me and many others to make it from the bottom and turn nothing into something. R.I.P. J Dilla.”

“’04 Pistons”

1) J Dilla – Workinonit
2) Samiyam – This L
3) Big Sean – Memories
4) Babyface Ray – 36oz
5) Dex Osama – Crime In The D
6) Slum Village – Selfish

J. Millz, “’04 Pistons”

StockX 313 Day

J. Millz | @j.milhouse

“The heart of DETROIT lives within its music. It’s gritty, flashy, smooth, and authentic all at the same time. Detroit’s sound can be recognized anywhere and I’m proud to be from a city who’s music has influenced and inspired many artists.”

“’04 Pistons”

1) Sada Baby – Guatemalan
2) Payroll Giovanni – How We Move It
3) Dwele – Find A Way
4) Icewear Vezzo – Money Day
5) Blade Icewood – Love For My City
6) Oba Rowland – Icewood Forever

Sheefy McFly & Tony Whlgn, “Gator City”

StockX 313 Day

Sheefy McFly | @sheefymcfly (L); Tony Whlgn | @tonywhlgn (R)

Tony Whlgn, “Gator City”

“The songs chosen for our playlist were inspired by growing up in Detroit. Riding the bus or walking home from school, being in a strip club to the studio or driving down Gratiot. Real Nostalgic like, each song is dedicated to a specific time period in my life or an experience that I can remember. I knew partnering with Sheefy would bring a good balance for an authentic and versatile style and, of course, support for the homies.”

1) Big Herk – I’m a Boss
2) Dusty McFly – Iced Out
3) J Dilla – Dime Piece (Instrumental)
4) Supakaine – Incense
5) Payroll Giovanni – My First 10
6) Eastside 80’s – Die Like a Boss


Sheefy McFly, “Gator City”

1) Sheefy McFly – Boss Up
2) Sheefy McFly – Watupdoe ft. Lola Damone
3) Moodyman – Lyk U Used To ft. Andres
4) Waajeed – From the Dirt
5) Peezy – No Hook ft. Babyface Ray
6) Sada Baby – Skuba Says


Vuhlandes & Jerry PHD, “JerryPHD x Vuhlandes”

StockX 313 Day

Vuhlandes | @vuhlandes (L); Jerry PHD | @jerryphd (R)

Jerry PHD, “JerryPHD x Vuhlandes”

“My playlist is a set of Detroit classics that represent what coming from Detroit means. On top of that, I shot all of these videos in the playlists, giving a visual to what’s authentic to the city.” 

1) Payroll Giovanni – Brainstormin
2) Cash Kidd – On My Mama
3) Tay B – Back 2 Back ft. DZ
4) Yae Yae Jordan – Strapped
5) Payroll Giovanni – How We Move It
6) Tee Grizzley – Straight To It ft. Bandgang

Vuhlandes, “JerryPHD x Vuhlandes”

“A set of songs that will get you off your ass and motivate you to do what you gotta do or just turn up.”

1) Baby Smoove – Kane
2) Splurge – Free Granny
3) Sada Baby – Skuba Says
4) RoCaine – In & Out
5) Z Money – My Stove
6) Shoreline Mafia – Homicide ft. Bandgang Lonnie Bands

Helluva, “Cash Talk”

StockX 313 Day

Helluva | @helluva313

“These are the songs that resonated with me: some from childhood, some from young adulthood. The beats and words from these songs touch my soul, got me through some tough times, and keep me grounded.”

1) Blade Icewood – Blood, Sweat and Tears
2) Payroll Giovanni – Chain on My Dresser, Pt. 2
3) Tee Grizzley – First Day Out
4) Street Lord Juan – So Far Gone
5) Mint Condition – Breakin’ My Heart (Pretty Brown Eyes)
6) Funkadelic – Knee Deep

Bre’Ann Whlgn, “Cash Talk”

StockX 313 Day

Bre’Ann Whlgn | @breannwhlgn

“I Decided to curate a playlist for the women in the city from the east to the west side, period! I picked Matashia, Don P, Molly Brazy, Milfie, Dej Loaf, and mOmOney with some tracks that were produced by Helluva. This playlist will make you want to boss your life up with your girls or get a real one by your side. I love women that are confident about who they are and what they do.”

1) Dej Loaf – Problem
2) Milfie – Skateland
3) Matashia – Anti Broke Bitch
4) Molly Brazy  – Naan (Remix) ft. Trina
5) mOmOney – I’m The One
6) Don P – Tighten Up

Sam Austins, “Three13”

StockX 313 Day

Sam Austins | @samaustins

“I chose the songs I did because they’re some of my favorite tracks across different genres and eras of the city. They represent a wavelength of what the Detroit sound is and can be. I’m thinking of songs like “Selfish” by Slum Village and Eminem’s “The Way I Am” that I grew up playing as a kid. I’m thinking of the deep Motown roots with Barrett Strong‘s “Money.” I’m thinking of the past and future of the streets through the king Blade Icewood, and a new wave from my boy Daniel Eugene. This is what I’m hearing when I’m listening to Detroit.”

1) Jay Cribbs – BAD TING
2) Eminem – The Way I Am
3) Blade Icewood – Icewood
4) Dex Osama – Death on Me
5) Daniel Eugene – Bonita, Let’s Represent
6) Barrett Strong – Money (That’s What I Want)

Flint Eastwood, “Three13”

StockX 313 Day

Flint Eastwood | @flinteastwood

“These are the songs that, at one point or another, made me fall in love with Detroit.”

1) The Supremes – Come See About Me
2) Marvin Gaye – Right On
3) Sienna Liggins – Naked
4) White Stripes – Black Math
5) Mike Posner – Move On
6) Matthew – Shortly

Rick Williams & Ro Spit, “Burn Rubber”

Detroit 313 Day Playlist

Ro Spit | @ro_spit  (L); Rick Williams | @rickwlms (R)

“We’re almost 40, bro.”

Rick Williams, “Burn Rubber”

1) Tobe Nwigwe – I’m Dope
2) Nipsey Hustle – Last Time That I Checc’d
3) J Cole – Neighbors
4) Jay Z – The Story of OJ
5) Erykah Badu – Hello
6) Distinct Life – Detroiters Theme Song


Ro Spit, “Burn Rubber”

1) Bill Withers – Lovely Day
2) Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes – I Miss You
3) Frankie Beverly & Maze – Before I Let You Go
4) Mary J. Blige – I Can Love You
5) Peezy – 2 Quick ft. Tee Grizzley & Payroll
6) Syd Da Kid – All About Me


Modern Day, “ModernDay Livin'”

StockX 313 Day

Modern Day | @moderndayculture; Melody | @melrOse_ (L); Amber Chene | @amber_chene (R)

“We chose these songs because they embody who we are as a collective: multidimensional. Each song represents the sounds of our journey as artists living & expressing in the city.”

1) Dwele – Open Your Eyes
2) Aaliyah – Back & Forth
3) Anita Baker – Sweet Love
4) J Dilla – The Look of Love
5) Stevie Wonder – All I Do
6) Blade Icewood  – Come Roll

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