That’s 5 with Two Js Kicks (Jaysse and Joanie): Valentine’s Day Edition

Jaysse and Joanie of Urban Necessities represent the ultimate sneakerhead love story. So they made the obvious choice for this Valentine’s Day edition of “That’s 5.”

For an exclusive and in-depth look at their iconic relationship, check out their StockX Laced Up Love Story.

What influences you?

Joanie: Let’s talk about “what inspires you,” instead. I’m inspired by finding out what makes other human beings smile; I’m addicted to finding out what brings out smiles in other people. Finding out what makes people smile is what got me addicted to the whole sneaker culture in the first place. I used to be so pissed off waiting in line and getting up so early. But when I did it, it was like everyone who was there was happy. It made me second guess everything about sneaker culture; It made me never want to second-guess anything ever again.

Jaysse: Just trying to push people to be better. We’ve been fortunate to have a lot of eyes on our brand and just being a positive influence gets me my high right now.

Most overrated?

Joanie: This is such a difficult question because you feel like you’re picking on people. Like all the stuff I’m falling back in love with, like a lot of designers, I used to think was overrated. For a while, I was not into brands, but now I’m into them.

Jaysse: “Likes” on social media is overrated. It’s funny how different people get treated based on the number of likes and followers. The value is not the same; someone’s value should not be based on social media. Some people do it for money; some people do it for free.

Two Js

Most underrated?

Joanie: Inclusion in the culture. As much as I want to be an individual, you still want to feel like you belong, somehow.

Jaysse: Lebron is underrated. People don’t respect the amount of effort he puts in on and off the court. People are so used to him being a great player that they take him for granted.

What are you most excited about, right now? 

Joanie:  The fact that our store, Urban Necessities, is on the Vegas Strip. We’re now operating on the Strip, and we’re now one of the favorites on the Strip. We used to be the riff-raff. I was never considered riff-raff before; I was corporate. So I’m excited not to be the riff-raff again.

Jaysse: Growth. It’s becoming easier and easier to set unrealistic expectations and achieve them. I’m excited about where our brand is going. We have a really big reach, and we’re still growing.

What’s next for you? 

Joanie: There’s really nothing in particular. We now have enough of a voice that I can focus on stuff that’s important to me. We’ve made a living in a world that is very superficial, and my goal has always been to create something of lasting substance. I have a fifteen-year-old stepdaughter, and I want to make sure her strength will be in her voice.

Jaysse: I have no fucking clue. A lot more traveling, for sure. We’re on the sneaker con circuit: Las Vegas, LA, Melbourne, Australia, London, and then Toronto. We have to redo our website and look into other business matters. Maybe some stores down the road, who knows?

Bonus Question: Was that 5?

Joanie: What does that even mean?

Jaysse: Yeah, I think so.


IG: @twojskicks @joaniebean

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