Yes, this is for real.  We’re selling 10 pairs of the just released Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Black Red for its original retail price of $220 on the StockX mobile app.

This is where we’d usually have a joke about the Grammy’s that would mention Beyonce’s baby bump or Chance’s hat but that was already 113 characters including spaces keeping you from what’s really important — buying Yeezys at retail.

OK, so here’s how to score the Yeezy V2 Black Red at retail.

  1. Go Mobile.  Download the StockX mobile app on iTunes or Google Play.  Already have the StockX mobile app?  Make sure it’s updated to the most current version.
  2. Place a Bid.  Go to THIS PAGE in the mobile app and place a Bid on the Yeezy V2 Black Red for $220. You can also search for “yeezy retail” in the app to find the product page.
  3. Daiquiris.  Grab a beach drink because you’ve done your part.  Bids will be accepted until 5pm EST on Thursday, February 16th.  StockX will randomly select 10 winning Bidders.  Winners will be contacted via email and announced on Friday, February 17th.

Important Details:

  • You must have an active account on StockX and an approved payment method associated with your account in order to be eligible to place a Bid.
  • Your payment information can only be associated with one active StockX account.  If we suspect that you’re using multiple accounts to increase your chances of winning, all of your bids will be canceled and your accounts will be suspended indefinitely.
  • Your pair is not guaranteed until you receive a transaction confirmation email from StockX stating that you have successfully purchased the V2 Black Red for $220.
  • If your payment method fails for any reason when StockX attempts to fulfill the winning Bids, you will lose your spot in line and your sneakers will be offered to the next eligible buyer.
  • This promotion is only available on the StockX mobile app for the Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Black Red, style ID: CP9652.  Bids can only be placed on all sizes 7-12 and size 13.
  • You can only place one bid.
  • All Bids are binding offers to buy the size of Yeezy V2 Black Red you have selected.  All purchases are final.