StockX TV Exclusive: Steve Aoki’s Sneaker Collection

Two weeks ago we launched StockX TV with international superstar DJ, Steve Aoki.

For those unfamiliar with Steve here’s a quick primer.  He’s probably the hardest working EDM artist in the business, playing more than 250-300 concerts a year.  Aoki got started in the music industry in 1996 at the age of 19 when he founded his own music label Dim Mak Records out of his college dorm, producing mostly punk and indie rock bands.  If you want the full download on Steve Aoki we highly recommend that you watch this documentary on his life and career — I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead.  It’s worth signing up for Netflix just to watch it.

But let’s get back to StockX TV…You can read more about the launch of StockX TV HERE and watch the full first episode of StockX TV below.


How Much is Steve Aoki’s Collection Worth?
The total value of Aoki’s footwear collection as of August 2016, is somewhere around $110K to $120K.  Why the ballpark guess?  Because when we visited his house and attempted to catalog his entire collection there were 80 pairs of footwear that our team could either not identify or find any data on anywhere.

In the past we’ve seen celebrity sneaker collections made up entirely of Jordans like Mark Wahlberg’s and Joe Haden’s.  We’ve also been witness to DJ Skee’s amazing shoe collection consisting of more special releases than most people have GRs.  Steve Aoki’s shoe collection redefines (or perhaps defines) what it means to be a sneakerhead, celebrity or not.  His collection is unconventional in the best way possible and is a true reflection of who he is as an artist and a human being.

Let’s dive into the data on Steve’s collection with his top ten most expensive pairs.

Key Insights:

  • The first five pairs on this chart read like a “celebrity sneakerhead starter kit” but we wouldn’t be mad about adding these to our daily rotations.
  • The pair of Dunks from DJ AM has “DJ AM” stitched into the upper and are a fairly standard black and green colorway, and they are used.  They were given to Steve after DJ AM passed away.
  • The “Batman” pair is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Aoki’s Jeremy Scott collection.
  • Aoki’s Yeezy 2 Plats are still in DS condition.

Here’s how Aoki’s shoe collection breaks down between brands and categories.

Key Insights:

  • Steve has almost as many pairs of adidas sneakers as he does all other sneakers combined.
  • When he mentioned in the video that he probably has the biggest collection of Jeremy Scott sneakers in the world, he might be right.
  • Aoki previously had a sneaker deal with Supra that included several pairs the he designed and carried his name.

Here’s how the value of Aoki’s collection breaks down between brands.

Key Insights:

  • Aoki’s Jeremy Scott x adidas shoes make up 40% of the value of all of his adidas sneakers.
  • The Nike section in the chart above includes only about $1500 in total value from Jordans.
  • The value of Steve’s collection has most likely grown by a lot since we visited him in August of 2016…it’s not like he stopped collecting when we left.

In Closing

Steve Aoki’s shoe collection is equal parts impressive, unique, valuable and diverse.  We are thankful he shared it with us on the first episode of StockX TV.  Stay tuned for more episodes coming to a screen near you soon.

Before you go, here’s a bunch of awesome pics from our shoot at Aoki’s house that needed to be shared.


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