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Nike Adapt BB Multi-Color (US Charger)

Nike Adapt BBMulti-Color (US Charger)

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Charging Pad, USB Plug + Regional Electrical Piece

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The Nike Adapt BB Multi-Color (US Charger) is a basketball shoe from Nike that was released as a new colorway addition. 

The Multi-Color (US Charger) Nike Adapt BB features a multi-colored upper construction made of mesh material. The midsole is made of lightweight material and the outsole from rubber to provide traction on the court. The outsole also has a multi-directional pattern that enhances grip and stability while playing.

Our experts love the Nike Adapt BB Multi-Color for its innovative self-lacing technology. This technology allows you to adjust the fit of the basketball shoes without the need for manual lace adjustments. The shoes feature a small motor located in the midsole, sensors, and algorithms that enable the shoe to adjust the fit to suit different foot sizes and shapes. The Nike Adapt BB Multi-Color also features integrated Nike React cushioning technology that offers unparalleled comfort for its wearers. The Nike Adapt BB Multi-Color (US Charger) was released on October 4, 2019 at a retail price of $350.

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