Saint Mxxxxxx x VLONE HoodieBlack

    Saint Mxxxxxx x VLONE Hoodie Black
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    The Saint Mxxxxxx x VLONE Hoodie Black is a collaborative garment that was made available as a part of a special edition collection.

    This hoodie is made from 100% jersey cotton. The black colored hoodie with grey detailing has a classic hood, elasticated cuffs, long sleeves, and an elasticated hem. In addition, it has the "SAINT" logo on the right arm in white and red. On the back in bold white and red font, the words "BLESS ME FVTHER FOR I HAVE SINNED"  and at the front, there’s a graphic showing a man hanging on a V-shaped cross.

    The Saint Mxxxxxx x VLONE Hoodie Black was released on 12th March 2022, retailing at $511.

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