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Supreme Singing Machine (US Plug)Red

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13.9 in. x 9.5 in. x 16.7 in.

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The Supreme Singing Machine has arrived and it's the perfect addition to your Supreme collection. With its sleek branding and advanced features, this machine is the ultimate accessory for any music lover and Supreme enthusiast.

Equipped with multiple voice filters, pitch correction, and a built-in mixer, the Supreme Singing Machine is perfect for taking your karaoke game to the next level. And with a USB port you can easily import your own music or choose from a wide variety of songs to sing along to.

The Supreme Singing Machine dropped on March 9th, and it's already becoming a must-have item for fans of the iconic streetwear brand. At a retail price of $298, it's an affordable investment that's sure to provide endless hours of entertainment.

Weight: 19.8 Pounds

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