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adidas Ivy Park Cargo Sweat Pants (Gender Neutral)Mesa

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The adidas Ivy Park Cargo Sweat Pants (Gender Neutral) Mesa features contemporary maximalist design techniques contrasted with a simple monochrome colorway with tone-on-tone branding.

The elastic waist of the adidas Ivy Park Cargo Sweat Pants features several stitch lines that divide the band into three sections. A drawstring loops through the middle row. The pants feature comfy French terry cotton, and several pockets are seen on the front. These include two front pockets, with the left one adopting a patch design and the other coming in a nylon material and a flap adorned by a tone-on-tone Trefoil. Flapped side pockets, the right in nylon and the left in cotton, appear near the knees. The back repeats the front design, with a nylon and cotton patch pocket on the right and left leg, respectively.

What do StockX experts think of the adidas Ivy Park Cargo Sweat Pants (Gender Neutral) Mesa? Our experts love the streetwear finishes, such as the diagonal metal clamp buttons on the legs. The pants were released on October 29th, 2020, for $95.

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