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Jordan 3 Retro Craft Ivory 0

Jordan 3 RetroCraft Ivory

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Ivory/Grey Mist/Cream

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The Jordan 3 Retro Craft Ivory is a sophisticated blend of iconic heritage and contemporary design. This rendition of the legendary silhouette comes in an Ivory/Grey Mist/Cream colorway, offering a refined and elegant take on a classic. The sneaker's design pays homage to the heritage of the Jordan brand while infusing modern elements that resonate with today's fashion-forward crowd.

Every aspect of the Jordan 3 Retro Craft Ivory, from its premium materials to its timeless design, exudes luxury and class. It represents a perfect balance between the Jordan brand's rich history and the evolving trends of sneaker culture. The subtle colorway enhances its versatility, making it suitable for various occasions, whether for casual outings or more formal events.

Released on February 3, 2024, for $210, the Jordan 3 Retro Craft Ivory quickly became a sought-after item among sneaker enthusiasts. Its elegance, coupled with the Jordan brand's reputation for quality and style, makes it a valuable addition to any collection.

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