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Travis Scott Astroworld Logo Hoodie Black

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Astroworld isn't just legendary for its music, though—it's also legendary for its merchandise that's made a huge impact on street fashion. Astroworld pieces can easily sell for hundreds of dollars, especially limited-run pieces like Travis Scott's 2018 collaboration with Virgil Abloh. Hoodies, T-shirts, hats, and more are all part of the Travis Scott merch in Astroworld. One of the most popular items is a vibrant Yellow hoodie that was sold exclusively through his Astroworld tour stops. Other sought-after pieces include the Black Wish You Were Here hoodie, a rainbow tie-dye T-shirt, and the "Put on a Happy Face" T-shirt. Some of his pieces are bright but simple. Other pieces are loud, exuberant, and chaotic in an ode to the artist's brilliance.