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Bearbrick Flora (Flower) #2 400% White 0

Bearbrick Flora (Flower) #2 400%White

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11 IN / 28 CM

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The Bearbrick Flora (Flower) #2 400% White was created by MAMES, which is a group featuring two contemporary artists named Kentaro Shirakawa and Chami. They put their own unique twist on this Bearbrick from Medicom Toy before introducing it exclusively in Japan.

This white Bearbrick was 11 inches tall, and it had flowers covering its body from head to toe. It was also finished off with a white hydro-dipped printing technique that helped it shine once it was complete.

But the thing that immediately caught our eye when looking at this Bearbrick was what was going on within its torso. In addition to adding flowers to the outside of its body, MAMES also packed actual white flowers into its torso to really sell the theme of the Bearbrick. This turned it into one of the most eccentric Bearbricks that Medicom Toy has ever introduced. The Bearbrick Flora (Flower) #2 400% White was released on October 6, 2022, for $95.

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