Bearbrick x Sorayama Future Mickey 100% & 400% SetSilver/Gold

Bearbrick x Sorayama Future Mickey 100% & 400% Set Silver/Gold
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Only 3 Left!

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2.75 IN / 7 CM - 11 IN / 28 CM

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Released at DesignerCon in 2019, The Bearbrick x Sorayama Future Mickey 100% and 400% Set are some of the cleanest and shiniest Bearbricks you'll ever see. Like most of Sorayama's work, this Bearbrick features a shiny finish, with a touch of Disney magic as we see Mickey's classic smile on the face of the Bearbrick. These Bearbricks released on November 22nd, 2019, and retailed for $147. Since then, the figure has become a hot item among collectors, with prices skyrocking to more than twoe times that original price. This Bearbrick is as good as gold.
Please note: due to the nature of the finish on this collectible, minor surface blemishes or superficial scratches may appear to be present. This is a normal result of the manufacturing process for this product.