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Bearbrick x Gelato Pique Pajamas 1000%Brown

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27.5 IN / 70 CM

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The Bearbrick x Gelato Pique Pajamas 1000% Brown is a collectible that combines Bearbrick's imaginative design with the opulent comfort of Gelato Pique's loungewear.

Towering at an impressive 27.5 inches (70 cm), the Brown Bearbrick x Gelato Pique Pajamas 1000% is adorned in cozy brown shaggy cotton pajamas, complete with a central brown zipper and Gelato Pique's " P" logo tastefully imprinted on the figure's chest. The Bearbrick not only takes a brown color scheme, it is also transparent brown, offering a glimpse of the intricate inner structure. Additionally, it proudly displays the " Gelato Pique" branding across its back, marking this collaboration.

The standout feature of the Bearbrick x Gelato Pique Pajamas 1000% Brown is its plush and tactile texture. This design choice imparts a unique and luxurious quality to the figure, setting it apart from other collectibles. The figure was first released for $1,750 on the January 1, 2004.

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