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Bearbrick x Grateful Dead (Dancing Bear) 1000%

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27.5 IN / 70 CM

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The Bearbrick X Grateful Dead (Dancing Bear) 1000% is a limited-edition toy that is a collaboration between Medicom Toy and the American rock band, Grateful Dead.

The design of the1000% Bearbrick X Grateful Dead (Dancing Bear) is based on the Grateful Dead's famous "Dancing Bears" logo, which features five colorful bears in various dancing positions. The figure has a size of 27.5 inches and features the bear design in bright colors. This figure is made of high-quality vinyl. The bears have a textured fur-like surface and they stand on a black base that features the Grateful Dead logo and the Bearbrick logo, with a numbered edition.

We think that one unique feature of the Bearbrick X Grateful Dead (Dancing Bear) 1000% is its poseable arms and head. This allows for a range of display options. The arms and head are connected to the body with ball-and-socket joints, with grooves molded into the joints to help hold poses. The toy was released on June 1st, 2022 at a retail price of $565.

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