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Crocs Classic Clog Trix 0

Crocs Classic ClogTrix

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The Crocs Classic Clog Trix remains one of the highest-selling variants in the Crocs catalog since its debut. Made from Croslite (TM) materials, the Clog Trix comes with various options, including red and multicolor colorways.

The Crocs feature a water-friendly design. They are also buoyant and generally lightweight. In addition, the Classic Clog Trix has ventilation ports whose key role is to allow the shedding of water and sand particles. Additionally, the ventilation ports of these Crocs enhance breathability. The pivoted heel strap completes the Crocs’ design.

The Crocs Classic Clog Trix debuted on June 17, 2022, at a retail price of $60.

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