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Bearbrick 400%

The Bearbrick 400% is a version of the designer toy, the Bearbrick. Produced by the Japanese toy company MediCom Toy Inc., the Bearbrick was first introduced in 2001, and has since become a cultural phenomenon, particularly among collectors.

The Bearbrick toy is available in different sizes, but the most popular is the 400% size. The 400% size stands at 11 inches tall and is a perfect size for displaying on a shelf or desk. The Bearbrick 400% toy is made of PVC plastic and comes in a variety of colours and designs. It is typically identifiable by its “Be@rbrick” logo, which is printed on its chest and rear.

The Bearbrick 400% has included numerous collaborations with high-profile designers and brands. A notable collaborative figure is the Bearbrick X BAPE 28th Anniversary Camo #1 400%. 400% Bearbrick toys can also be customised. Collectors can purchase blank Bearbrick figures and create their own designs using paint or markers. Alternatively, they can purchase pre-designed figures created by artists, fashion designers, and other creative individuals. In recent years, the popularity of the toy has grown to include an active resale market, with rare and limited-edition models selling for thousands of dollars.

One popular way to display the Bearbrick 400% is by pairing it with other sizes of the Bearbrick toy. The Bearbrick comes in several sizes, ranging from tiny Bearbrick 100% to giant models that stand over two feet tall. Collectors often display a range of Bearbrick sizes together to create a collection that showcases the unique design and aesthetic of each figure.

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Bearbrick x BAPE Baby Milo(R) Camo Shark 100% & 400% Set Blue

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