Bearbrick Nyabrick

The Bearbrick Nyabrick collection features collectible figures made out of nine parts, including a head, torso, hips, arms, hands, and legs with movable joints that are available in a variety of materials, most often PVC plastic. Bearbricks come in specific sizes. The standard Bearbrick is 70 mm tall, commonly known as 100% on the size scale. Typically, Bearbricks measuring 35 mm, or 50%, are offered as keychains. Larger sizes include 280 mm, or 400%, and 700 mm, or 1000%, the latter of which is the largest Bearbrick size available. The majority of collectible Bearbricks are in the 400% and 1000% variants.

The Bearbrick Nyabrick collection features collaborations with Chanel, Nike, X-Large, Hermès, Comme Des Garçons, Bape, CLOT, Levi's, Stüssy, and Undercover, among several other renowned fashion and streetwear labels. The Bearbricks in this collection are all part of the same series, and they all look like the specific character, Nyabrick. The Beckoning Cat Bearbrick includes several notable features including red ears, big green eyes, long whiskers, and a small bell hanging from its neck. The figure also has the ability to glow green in the dark.

The Bearbrick Nyabrick collection also includes non-beckoning versions of the feline figurine, with most figures having their arms by their side. Other figures also include a grinning or smiling face instead of the typical cat face. Bearbrick Nyabrick Cheshire Cat and Bearbrick Kidill Cat Nyabrick are some of the smiling Nyabricks available.

The Bearbrick Nyabrick collection is available and you can browse through the general Bearbrick collectibles collection for more Nyabricks, or find other collectibles in our collectibles collection.


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Bearbrick Nyabrick Lucky Cat 100% & 400% Set Gold Plated

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