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Funko Pop! Marvel Studios Loki He Who Remains 2022 SDCC Exclusive Figure #1062

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While the Funko Pop! company officially launched in 1998, it didn't become a cultural phenomenon until CEO Brian Mariotti unveiled the Funko Force at Comic-Con in 2010. See More
Shortly afterward, Mariotti secured merchandising licenses from Marvel, DC and Lucasfilm. As the company acquired more licenses, fans started talking about the collectibles online and buying figurines from nearby retailers. Today, Funko Pop! has expanded its line into thousands of characters from various franchises. As one of the earlier collaborators, Marvel has a long history with the brand. Marvel's selection of Funko Pop! Collectibles include characters from the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) like Pietro Maximoff as well as graphic novel characters like Carnage. To keep things interesting, Funko Pop! offers limited releases, "black light" figures, rare character designs and other collectibles that put a spin on Marvel legends. In addition to the MCU, Funko Pop! offers toys from other films like the 2000s Fantastic Four series and "Into the Spider-Verse."