Funko Pop! Rides

Funko Pop! Rides figures are similar to figurines but are inspired by icons from movies, video games, comic books, and popular culture. With huge heads and eyes and representations of each character in various sizes, clothes, attitudes, and finishing, these retro-themed toys contain well-known licensed characters from several series.

One type of the Funko Pop! Rides collection is the DC Comics The Batman in Batmobile. This RC car in the category has a light-up engine and turbo boost acceleration. Additionally, these vehicles use a push-button controller. The second collection of the Funko Pop! Rides is the DC Comics Wonder Woman 80th Wonder Woman on Pegasus, which was made to commemorate Wonder Woman's 80th birthday. The height of these vinyl characters is roughly 6 inches (40.64 cm), and they are available in several different colours.

Another type of the Funko Pop! Rides collection is the Walt Disney World 50th Anniversary Hook on Peter Pan Flight. This Captain Hook Pop! is a Vinyl Vehicle that is suited for children aged 3 and up and is presented in a window display box in celebration of Walt Disney World's 50th anniversary.

The Funko Pop! Rides are available in different designs on StockX, so everyone can check their favourite figure. If you are a fan of DC world, then DC Comics The Batman in Batmobile collection is for you. Are you a fan of Rick and Morty? Then Funko Pop! Rides Rick and Morty Mad Max Rick Figure #37 is the Funko Pop! for you.


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Funko Pop! Rides Ice Cube with Impala Figure #81

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