Brooklyn-based artist KAWS has dominated the collectibles game for years. Shop all his top items include the BFF, Companion, & much more here.


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KAWS THE PROMISE Vinyl Figure Brown

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KAWS is easily one of the most widely known living artists in the world. His highly collectible Companion figures have been a smash hit ever since the character debuted in 1999. See More
Brian Donnelly is known professionally as street artist KAWS. His love of art began with graffiti and started as early as elementary school. The Kaws Companion is universally associated with the artist's work. Some of KAWS' most recognized creations are reworkings of properties from companies like Disney or Sesame Street. Fans and collectors can find renditions of Sesame Street's Uniqlo Elmo complete with signature design elements by KAWS. Collaboration has always been a big part of KAWS' work, leading to unique toys that are popular with art collectors across the globe. These partnerships are big parts of why streetwear fans enjoy wearing KAWS' work, but the evolution of the brand itself played a part as well. The vinyl figures that grew from street art became cult classics. Clothing enthusiasts who appreciated the counterculture aspect of the artist's messages would queue for the latest releases of shirts. Fans of KAWS' work can find a selection of graphic tees that feature the likenesses of characters from properties such as Peanuts. It's clear that KAWS has crafted something that is both enduring and appealing to anyone with an interest in street art or an appreciation for messages that go against the typically aspirational themes of modern advertising.