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Created by artist Paul Budnitz, Superplastic is a designer toy brand that is the first of its kind. They are known for creating animated characters that have launched to massive popularity on social media, with over 26 million followers between their TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram channels. There, they have come to serve as influencers, whether it’s to hype up their own brand or others, or to share the unique experiences that have been written into their storylines. Besides being given their own individual histories, these characters each have a distinct personality, much like a human influencer.

Superplastic characters now appear across a myriad of platforms, from the world of animated entertainment to the music and gaming industries. Inspired by their massive following, Superplastic founder Paul Budnitz has made it his mission to offer collectible merchandise inspired by these characters so that you can bring them and their personalities into your own homes and offices.

Featuring Superplastic’s most popular characters in their product line, such as SuperJanky, the majority of the brand’s toys are made from vinyl, a durable and versatile material that allows for intricate details and vibrant colours. This material is commonly used in the designer toy industry due to its suitability for creating long-lasting collectibles.

Similar to Superplastic, there are several other companies producing vinyl art toys, though their purposes for doing so vary. While Superplastic seeks to contribute to pop culture by creating unique and famous personalities, brands such as Funk Pop! instead make it their mission to celebrate existing pop culture with their designs. Consider adding dimension and complexity to the shelves of your vinyl collection when you mix and blend brands.

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