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Trading card games (TCG) have a storied history, with iconic brands spanning various genres. Magic: The Gathering, launched in 1993, pioneered the concept, setting the stage for collectible card games' cultural impact. Pokémon followed in 1996, capturing a massive fanbase worldwide. Other franchises, like Yu-Gi-Oh!, Dragon Ball Z, Star Wars, Marvel, and Garbage Pail Kids, entered the scene, each contributing unique themes and mechanics. Trading card games have transcended their gaming origins, fostering vibrant subcultures with competitive tournaments, card artwork appreciation, and secondary markets. Collaborations with renowned brands expanded their reach, emphasising trading cards as a cultural phenomenon, bridging generations and genres while celebrating strategy, collecting, and artistic creativity.

TCG trading cards, represented by various franchises like MetaZoo, Flesh & Blood, Marvel, Dragon Ball Z, Star Wars, Garbage Pail Kids, and more, form a diverse and collectible category. These cards offer different iterations, with each franchise bringing its unique themes and gameplay mechanics to the forefront. Card construction typically involves high-quality materials, often featuring vivid artwork, foil finishes, and special colour variants that add rarity and value. Notable collaborations between TCGs and renowned brands have become prominent, expanding the appeal of these cards by merging iconic characters and universes like in the 2022 Upper Deck Marvel WandaVision Hobby Box.

What stands out in TCG is its multifaceted appeal. These cards blend collectability, strategic gameplay, and intricate artwork, offering a unique fusion of gaming and collecting that captivates enthusiasts.

TCG naturally pairs with other trading cards from the same universe or manufacturer, creating a cohesive collecting experience. Cross-promotional cards often bridge different sets, offering fans the opportunity to explore a broader array of related collections within their preferred franchise.

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2023-24 Disney Lorcana TCG The First Chapter Booster Box

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