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Air Jordan 1 AJKO

When Nike first unveiled the Air Jordan 1, the sneaker didn’t fly off shelves as the company expected. Shortly after the initial AJ1 release, a series of off-brand sneakers that looked just like the AJ1 was released, and it wasn’t uncommon for people to buy these rather than spending more money on authentic pairs of AJ1s. Nike combated this issue by releasing the Air Jordan 1 AJKO, with the AJKO standing for "Air Jordan Knock Off."

At first glance, the Air Jordan 1 AJKO looked just like the regular AJ1. However, it was constructed out of different materials in order to make it more affordable. While the AJ1 was made mostly out of leather, the AJ1 AJKO was made primarily out of canvas to bring its price down. There were also other small differences that set the AJ1 AJKO apart from the regular AJ1. It had a lower toe guard, wider mid-foot straps, and a shorter build overall.

Even though the original Air Jordan 1 AJKO didn’t include the same high-quality materials and design features found in the AJ1, it was fairly successful at the time. This would lead to Nike eventually making the decision to rerelease the AJ1 AJKO sneaker in a wide range of colours later on. From the Jordan 1 Retro AJKO Anthracite to the Jordan 1 Retro KO Sail to the Jordan 1 Retro AJKO Chicago (2021), there are more than a few retro versions of the AJKO that have been put out.

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