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Rolex Explorer

Buy and Sell the Rolex Explorer now on StockX, tough enough to handle the Himalayas.

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Are you tough enough to handle the Himalayas? First created in 1954, the Rolex Explorer I accompanied the infamous British Mount Everest Expedition. The Rolex Explorer I still remains one of the most iconic watch silhouettes ever created, revered for its discreet, smaller design profile. The Rolex Explorer I comes in stainless steel and in two different sizes: 36mm (114270) and 40mm (214270) with a deep black dial.
Following the success of the Rolex Explorer I, Rolex released the Rolex Explorer II in 1971, creating a watch silhouette that physically and metaphorically is the opposite of the Explorer I. The Explorer II was designed for spelunkers (cave divers) and includes the addition of a 24-hour hand and engraved bezel, perfect for exploring the Earth's underground for extended periods of time.
The Explorer II comes only in 40mm but in multiple flavors. The Explorer II 216570 is a current production piece coming in either black or white dial, each with an orange GMT hand for keeping track of second timezones.
All Rolex Explorer watches on StockX are brand new and certified authentic by our team of experts, so buyers can shop with confidence.