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Virgil Abloh

In 2013, American designer Virgil Abloh rose to international prominence when he founded his Milan-based fashion house Off-White, a revolutionary design label that combines streetwear with luxury clothing and give it a twist.

A signature aspect of many Virgil Abloh designs is their branding that seems to declare exactly what they are. Conversely, many of his designs are simple objects bearing his branding or a hint of his branding. Some of his products include a simple analogue wall clock that says “Off," a doormat with Off-White branding, a doormat labelled “Off," a cushion with diagonals (part of the Off-White logo and motif), and a tan Off-White asymmetric dog bowl. Whether you are buying a breakfast set, a ceramic ashtray, an umbrella stand, or throw blanket, the Off-White creation and label raises it to the next level.

Virgil Abloh extended his influential fashion dominance across the globe by engaging in collaborations. And just like Off-White’s thematic blending of streetwear and luxury, Abloh’s choices of collaboration partners range the gamut of cultural influences, from super stores to exclusive fashion houses. Virgil Abloh collaborated with IKEA on several products, including pillows, blankets, tool kits, and so much more. Once he became artistic director of the menswear collection of Louis Vuitton in 2018, he created several collaborations with the high-end fashion house. He's also collaborated with Nike, Masters of the Universe, Russell Winfield, and more.

When you are looking to combine Virgil Abloh items with other clothing or gear, you won’t have far to look. Because Virgil Abloh products are so ingrained in the essence of living, yet stand out, you could pair a brand's item with almost anything else. For instance, an Off-White Industrial Belt Yellow Black could complement almost any outfit.

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