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Palace Pertex Matte Balaclava Puffa Black

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At first, fans could only grab Palace garb at a handful of London shops, like Slam City Skates and Supreme in London. Between 2012 and 2014, Palace pop-up shops attracted buyers with flyers advertising "fully untrained staff." The proof of concept worked, and in 2015, Palace opened its flagship store in London. Three more shops followed in Manhattan, Tokyo, and Los Angeles. Today, the brand maintains its unapologetically in-your-face attitude and continues to flourish with coveted releases and unique collabs. Fans still clamor for the Palace Ripped T-Shirt, one of the original offerings, and the Palace adidas Palace Juventus Authentic Fourth Jersey. Palace has made an undeniable mark in its short existence, and the brand shows every sign of continuing to ascend.