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Palm Angels Classic Track Jacket Black/White SS22

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Palm Angels was founded by Italian photographer Francesco Ragazzi as a brand that blends influences of streetwear and luxury. Ver más
Palm Angels initially started as a photography project for Ragazzi, focusing on the skateboarding scene in Los Angeles. Since 2015, Palm Angels has built a name on blending influences of skate culture and luxury. Palm Angels hoodies are some of the most popular products the brand has to offer, offering a catalog filled with the Palm Angels logo, colorful silhouettes, and collaborations. Most hoodies feature some form of the Palm Angels logo, which is written in an old english script. If you’re looking for something more eccentric, other Palm Angels hoodies feature vibrant colors, unconventional graphics like a burning head, and multi-colored silhouettes. Buy and Sell authentic Palm Angels hoodies now on StockX.