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The DC Action Figures collection features a line of action figurines that Mattel introduced in early 2006. It consists of three distinct lines: the Justice League Unlimited toy line, which features figures based on the animated Justice League Unlimited series; the S3: Select Sculpt Series, which features more comic-accurate figures in the 6" scale; and a 12" figure line, and lastly, the S3 line is further subdivided into two lines portraying Batman and Superman, respectively. 더 보기
The collection is the Mattel toy line DC Universe which features a wide variety of superhero characters from some of the contemporary and classic DC films and TV shows. Classics, Fighting Figures, Giants of Justice, Infinite Heroes, and the revamped Justice League Unlimited are some of the collections you'll find under the DC Action Figures collection. The DC Universe Classics, one of the collections in the DC Action Figures collection, includes more characters from the earlier DC films and TV shows. In contrast to earlier Mattel lines, which were limited to the use of Batman and, subsequently, Superman characters, these are 6-inch-sized figures based on characters from the whole DC collection. The Four Horsemen Studios sculpts the complete range. The DC Action Figures line also features the DC Universe Justice League Unlimited series. DC Universe's Giganta action figure which debuted at the San Diego Comic-Con as part of the Justice League Unlimited line of products features in this collection. The collection also features both characters from the animated series and those that have never appeared in the cartoon. The collection also includes the DC Universe Infinite Heroes, whose figures can be purchased alone or in packs of three, with special six- and eight-packs available. Browse through the action figures collectibles and general collectibles for more DC Universe action figures options.