Apple AirPods Max

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Apple AirPods Max Headphones Space Gray

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The Apple AirPods Max nix the inconsistencies between sound quality and comfort, providing the ultimate personal listening experience. Borrowing from the AirPods Pro technology like the Apple H1 chip, the AirPods Max delivers high fidelity sound with unrivaled noise cancellation activity. The Apple AirPods Max headphones are available in a blend of colors from midnight black to pearl white. 더 보기
Apple reverts to the steel and aluminum casing that enshrines the technology. Foam cushion padding protects the ears, and the mesh fabric keeps them free from moisture during long listening periods. The canopy distributes the weight of the frames, easing pressure on the head. Beyond aesthetics, the memory foam cushion seals the sound and forms the basis of the immersive listening experience. The over-ear headphones have six outward-facing microphones that detect subway noise, baby hollering, and any other unwanted noise to isolate better the sound you want to hear. The Apple AirPods Max allows toggling between transparency mode, which lets the outside noise in to allow you to keep track of what’s happening around you and the noise cancellation feature. Dynamic sound control with active head tracking is a hallmark feature of the AirPods Max headphones. With head tracking, the headphones deliver the theater experience to your ears. Apple fits the headphones with Digital Crown cups that allow seamless toggling between answering calls, volume control and skipping tracks. Apple AirPods Max boasts over 20 hours of uninterrupted listening and is available in multiple color variations, such as Space Gray. Combining the best technology from all the preceding AirPods, the AirPods Max is available in a AirPods Max, delivering consistent high-fidelity audio.