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Balenciaga is one of the biggest names in high fashion and has been for decades. The current house is a revival, established after Cristobal Balenciaga passed away. 더 보기
Balenciaga's footwear is known for its fine construction. They design their sneakers with the same attention they use to make their fine leather shoes and boots. They are stitched and turned just like fashion shoes, before being attached to a sneaker's midsole. Balenciaga's Speed Trainer in Black is one of the brand's most popular sneakers. With its sleek, streamlined design and pillowy sole, it has a striking silhouette. Another fan favorite is the Balenciaga Track in Green/White-Blue. This colorful take on a running shoe features an outer cage of sorts that extends past the heel and encloses the upper. Balenciaga is also known for chunky, rubbery slide sandals.