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Nike Air Max 270

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With an innovative upper designed by Marie Odinot, the Air Max 270, officially launched in 2018, is a different kind of shoe. Unlike all the other members of the Air family, it wasn't designed for athletic performance. Instead, the Nike Air Max 270 was specifically imagined and originated as a comfortable lifestyle shoe. That commitment to comfort can be seen in the air cushion, the largest by height in the Air Max line. The "270" tag comes from the fact that the air compartment offers 270 degrees of visibility. The Air Max 270 in White/Black-White has a white knit mesh upper with black accents. The silhouette is very much on trend, with a chunky sole and heel and a lightweight upper. The Nike Air Max 270 Triple Black is completely monochromatic. Even the window for the air unit is black. The 270 is also available in several other monochrome and multi-colorways.