Art & Residence, presented by Daniel Arsham & StockX

The curatorial program kicked off with an exhibition at Milan Design Week and continues with a series of exclusive releases.

As the walls between the fine art and design worlds and the hype community begin to blend seamlessly into one another, the line between these respective universes also begins to blur. Such is the case with interior design, which has begun to reach a new, exciting audience. Whether it be iconic daybeds and sofa silhouettes, or contemporary approaches to lighting and seating, all have transcended the traditional gallery and collector audience to now appear in the homes of athletes, musicians, and sneaker collectors.

“Art & Residence” presented by Daniel Arsham & StockX explores this converging of worlds and taps non-traditional creatives to push the boundaries of what a chair can be. 

An Exclusive DropX™: The Art & Residence x Arsham Living Collection

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The new apparel from Daniel Arsham’s furniture practice Arsham Living focuses on his recent furniture collection, debuted with Friedman Benda.

The original multi-piece, furniture-inspired collection uses an array of materials from milled plywood to cast resin and combines this with organic, rudimentary shapes.  Largely conceived during the pandemic, Arsham utilized his children’s Play-Doh to craft the forms, then used these as the inspiration for the full scale works.

Exclusive to StockX, the apparel collection features an Arsham Living Tee and an Arsham Living Hoodie for purchase. The front of the tee and hoodie features the ever-expanding daisy chain logo of Arsham Living, while the back contains a few key pieces from the furniture collection.

An Exclusive DropX™: Gold Medal Chairs + Pleasures and Bricks & Wood

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For the latest installment of Daniel Arsham’s Art & Residence program, we’ve partnered with Gold Medal Chairs– the original maker of the Director’s Chair– to deliver exclusive releases with lifestyle brands Pleasures and Bricks & Wood. 

Pleasures, a graphically charged and inclusive brand based out of Los Angeles, CA, represents a global movement in streetwear. Their mission is to educate the masses through unique and artistic experiences. Bricks & Wood, another LA-based brand out of South Central, focuses on storytelling through quality, design, and collaborations. 

Together, this exclusive collaboration speaks to the power of artistic freedom through new designs to the infamous director’s chair. With a hint of film star status and “Creative Director” credibility, you’ll have a chance to call the shots on set or at home.

Shop The Art & Residence Program

“StockX is a brand with its finger on the pulse of what resonates with those interested in culture. Working together through the ‘In Residence’ program, we’re tapping a group of talented, cutting edge creatives to reimagine the status quo and push the boundaries of what design can truly be.” – Daniel Arsham

Arsham is the first feature in our new StockX “In Residence” program, which will work with the premiere leaders in current culture on a series of exhibits, releases, promotions, and more. These In Residence programs will broaden the cultural impact of creative work, and introduce new exciting artists and products exclusively to the StockX audience.

For more on the inaugural “Art & Residence” program, we sat down with Arsham in his New York studio to discuss.

Pink Essay

Pink Essay, a design-focused curatorial platform, functions as both a creative studio and community focused on making the design space more accessible. Learn more about the site founded by David Eardley and stay tuned for additional pieces illustrating the intersection between design and culture. Learn more here.

Milan Exhibition Collaborators

“Art & Residence” begins with an exhibition at Spazio Maiocchi during Milan’s famed Design Week from June 7-12. Daniel Arsham curated a diverse group of artists to create a unique chair design. Learn more about the collaborators below.

Daniel Arsham

Arsham’s iconic works meld the past, present and future, showcasing the malleability and power of nostalgia, often through referencing moments of the late 20th century. His collaborative practice includes working alongside renowned artists, musicians, designers and brands such as Pharrell, Nas, Porsche, Adidas, Dior, Tiffany & Co., Rimowa, and more.

As the creative director of the Cleveland Cavaliers, Arsham is the first-ever fine artist to hold this role. His works have been shown at PS1 and The New Museum, in New York, The Museum of Contemporary Art in Miami, The Athens Biennale in Athens, Greece, König Galerie in Berlin, Germany, Contemporary Arts Center, Cincinnati, SCAD Museum of GA, California and Carré d’Art de Nîmes, and the High Museum of Art in Atlanta GA. Arsham Studio bridges art and commerce through Arsham Editions and Archive Editions, subsets of the studio dedicated to the creation of limited edition artworks aimed at reaching a wider, global audience. To learn more, click here.

Cherry Kim of Rhee Studio

Cherry Kim is a designer based in New York. Her practice hinges on giving existing items a fresh second life, primarily through upcycling Carhartt garments with her signature illustrations. It is the artist’s belief that in our world of mass production, there’s a need to slow the cogs driving the industries that insist on rapid consumption. And so, she focuses on intentional, custom designs and collaborative processes. Each garment materializes differently, but all are united by her depth of illustration with each pair taking 12-15 hours of careful articulation.

Cherry’s early designs express a curiosity for domestic spaces and the furniture that allows us to exist comfortably in them.” To learn more, click here.

PlayLab, Inc.

PlayLab, Inc. is an extremely multi-disciplinary Los Angeles-based creative studio founded in 2009. With no particular focus, we explore themes using art, architecture, and graphic design to initiate ideas for ourselves and others. PlayLab, Inc. is: Archie Lee Coates IV, Jeff Franklin, Dillon Kogle, Ana Cecilia Thompson Motta, Justin Kim, Kylie McMahon, Jacob Lemon, Brett Su, and Benjamin Puffer. To learn more, click here.

Eny Lee Parker

Eny Lee Parker is a spatial designer based in New York, emphasizing in objects, furniture and lighting, using clay as her main medium. Parker reclaims the essence of making used in traditional craft from our past – the slowness, the intention, the respect for natural resources, creating contemporary objects that brings awareness to our presence as well as to non-living things. To learn more, click here.


The name doublet comes from “a word puzzle” otherwise known as “stepwords” or “word chains” which were invented by Lewis Carroll who is known as an author of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.

Like a word puzzle, doublet puts new ideas and techniques into daily wear to create entirely new pieces. In 2013 doublet won the 1st place of “2013 TOKYO NEW DESIGNER FASHION AWARD” professional division. The doublet collection consists of ready-to-wear and accessories.” To learn more, click here.

Wales Bonner x Mabeo

Informed by broad research encompassing critical theory, musical composition, literature and history, Wales Bonner embraces a multiplicity of perspectives, proposing a distinct notion of luxury, via a hybrid of European and Afro-Atlantic approaches.

Grace Wales Bonner launched her eponymous label in 2014, following her graduation from Central Saint Martins. Established as a menswear brand, Wales Bonner’s soulful tailoring soon expanded to womenswear. In 2015, she was awarded Emerging Menswear Designer at the British Fashion Awards. In 2016, following her first solo runway presentation – Ezekiel, she received the LVMH Young Designer Prize.

Mabeo started as a small brand in 2006 by a self-taught designer from Botswana, Peter Segopotso Mabeo. The idea was to broaden activity and to carefully find ways of engaging the world along with the skills of others within his community and not just as an individual. The brand is a platform that works within confines of design brands yet with an internal sense of creating space for a greater sense of curiosity, experimentation, and broader views that transcend aestheticism, materiality, or design philosophy, with an emphasis on relationship and interaction.


Born in Tokyo, Japan, Jury Kawamura began his jewelry brand, EYEFUNNY, in 2003 and has since expanded into making art objects. He uses Japanese granite to make the figures inspired by earthen figures from Jomon and Yayoi era sculptures. He works with Japanese stone masons who used to work with Isamu Noguchi in Mure and Aji, Kagawa, Japan. To learn more, click here.


While we all love a brand new sneaker, some OGs look just as good, if not better, with a little bit of aging. Brooklyn creative Phillip Leyesa, also known as @philllllthy, has found a way to make brand new look old with his “aged” sneaker customizations. His colored customs make it feel he owns a personal sneaker time machine. His work has been featured in Highsnobiety, where his custom-aged AJ1KO for NBA player PJ Tucker and custom Dior AJ1s for Daniel Arsham have gone viral, and he’s continued to gain the attention of the larger sneaker and streetwear community. To learn more, click here.

Hidden NY

Since August 2018, online menswear enthusiasts have gravitated to Hidden to soak up the best in design, art, streetwear fashion and nostalgic touchpoints in culture under the motto “Past, Present and Future.” In just over 3 years, the anonymous 20-something behind the account has amassed an audience of hundreds of thousands, including Drake, Virgil Abloh, Daniel Arsham, and Takashi Murakami. To learn more, click here.

Snarkitecture x Gufram

Snarkitecture is a New York-based collaborative practice founded by Daniel Arsham and Alex Mustonen. The name is drawn from Lewis Carroll’s The Hunting of The Snark, a poem describing the “impossible voyage of an improbable crew to find an inconceivable creature.” In its search for the unknown, Snarkitecture creates work that includes large-scale projects, installations, and objects. To learn more, click here.

DropX™ Presents the Daniel Arsham RSA Racing Jacket

Bidding begins Friday, January 28 at 12pm EST. Drive with style.

Daniel Arsham, the NYC contemporary artist, is an aficionado for art on wheels. His iconic vision for crafting collectible automobiles with an abstract state-of-mind has become masterful. The new, exclusive DropX™ RSA Racing Jacket continues that mastery, creating a piece that is transformative from road to wardrobe.

From his installations to exhibitions, Arsham proves time and time again his deep-seated passion for automobiles. Now, he has paired the drive behind sculpting the future of car culture with this ‘70s-inspired RSA Racing Jacket. Previously limited to friends and family with his custom 1973 Arsham Carrera RSA, these racing jackets are now, for the first time, available to the public. 

The limited-edition jacket is available exclusively through a DropX™ Auction and will go to the highest Bidder in each respective size. Remember, there’s only one available unit per size. 

Proceeds from the release will benefit the Daniel Arsham x StockX Next Gen Scholarship Fund at New York’s Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art.

Bidding begins Friday, January 28 at 12pm EST.

StockX teamed up with contemporary artist Daniel Arsham to create this RSA Racing Jacket. Available exclusively through a DropX™ Auction, the four available jackets will go to the highest Bidder in each respective size. Get your Bid in ASAP on this limited-edition Racing Jacket!

A DropX™exclusive, this limited-edition jacket is inspired by ‘70s New York City styling with a car-culture inspiration. With its stylish silhouette and classic fit, this corduroy jacket also features a cropped cut with a chocolate-brown colorway, a bespoke chenille back patch and hand-chain stitched detailing throughout. 

Details and care

  • Classic fit
  • Chocolate-brown corduroy
  • Hand-chain stitching

StockX Announces Multi-Year Partnership with Daniel Arsham

Includes the new standard for equitable compensation, with creation of a new The Cooper Union Scholarship Fund to support the next generation of creators. 

As the global marketplace for authentic products of current culture, we’re always looking for ways to disrupt and innovate within our communities. Such is the case with our new groundbreaking partnership with contemporary artist Daniel Arsham, who will be collaborating with us to change the way our marketplace impacts the global arts community. 

This multifaceted partnership is concentrated in three focus areas: supporting the next generation through arts education funding, amplifying rising artists and creating a model for equitable compensation through direct-to-consumer releases, and establishing a trusted secondary marketplace for Daniel Arsham Editions. It also includes the creation of the new Daniel Arsham x StockX Next Gen Scholarship Fund at New York’s historic The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art. This fund will work off donated revenue from the sale of all art prints on our marketplace, a new product category that Arsham will help guide in an advisory role. Our brand new art prints catalog includes more than 350 different prints from over two dozen artists including Takashi Murakami, KAWS, Yoshitomo Nara, Shepard Fairey, Hebru Brantley, Matt Gondek, Madsaki, and Futura. 

In addition, Arsham will also release a series of works that will be made available exclusively on StockX, and proceeds from the sales of these products will also be donated to the Next Gen Fund.

To stay in the know on every update and drop around this exciting partnership, make sure to sign up for a StockX account and follow us on social.

To learn more about Daniel Arsham’s process and the partnership with StockX, check out our No Curator interview.

To build your own collection of Daniel Arsham’s work, check out his work in the StockX catalog.