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Nike Mamba FocusBlack

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There are three major colors that define the appearance of the Nike Mamba Focus Black – black, white, and dark gray.

The Mamba Focus Black is a tribute to the legendary Kobe Bryant and incorporates a blend of comfortable and reactive cushioning. It boasts a design with a lightweight construction and a prominent silhouette. The upper section is crafted from breathable mesh material, while the sole features excellent traction. The sneaker's sole is composed of white rubber and includes a lace-up closure for secure fastening. Additionally, the shoe showcases TPU eyelets reminiscent of snake eyes for a unique touch, along with an embossed upper material that enhances stability and precision.

According to our experts, the most appealing aspect of this shoe is its Molded Swoosh-shaped structure, which offers a lightweight support. The Nike Mamba Focus Black was introduced to the market on March 26th, 2019, and was sold for a price of $100.

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