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MNTD MNTD Helium Blackspot Miner 915 MHz US Plug

MNTD MNTD Helium Blackspot Miner 915 MHz US Plug

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Created by RAKwireless (RAK), MNTD is a crypto-hardware brand focused on accessibility for people looking to dive into the crypto ecosystem. The MNTD Helium Blackspot Miner is the standard edition of the MNTD’s two mining options, featuring 4 GB of Ram. The miner is efficient at mining HNT, the Helium cryptocurrency. Unlike other crypto miners, the MNTD Helium Blackspot Miner is extremely power efficient, only using 5 watts of power, or less than your standard internet router, according to MNTD. The miner can be managed and set-up in the Helium Hotspot mobile app.

The MNTD Helium Blackspot Miner was released on October 20, 2021 for a retail price of $630.

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