August 20, 2020

Back To Cool: Homecoming & Going

Pete Forester

Pete is a writer, host, and producer based in New York City. He is the Editorial Director of StockX.

Whether you're on your way to the field for Homecoming or you're staying home for the semester, these are our favorite pieces to keep you in collegiate shape.

Whether you're on your way to the field for Homecoming or you're staying home for the semester, these are our favorite pieces to keep you in collegiate shape.

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A fresh school year means we’re all gearing up to jump back into scholastic traditions. Not everyone is making it to campus this year, but whether you’re celebrating Homecoming IRL or going to stay home to party at a safe distance, you can still get the fits off. We cannot think of school spirit without remembering the foundational Be True To Your School Dunk campaign from Nike, so we’ve brought together some of our favorite collegiate pieces that match seamlessly with those classic Dunk colorways.

Supreme Varsity Jacket

You’re not officially a part of the varsity team until you get that jacket, and the perfect intro to the hype squad is this Varisty Jacket from Supreme. The classic blend of thick wool and leather sleeves matches the iconic look that’s been draping hometown heroes for generations, and while Supreme dropped this piece in multiple color combos we love this red and mustard yellow match up.

Nike Dunk Low University Orange / Marine

Nike’s Dunk has been associated with school spirit from the sneaker’s first introduction in 1985, and every subsequent release will always harken back to those OG days. This University Orange / Marine colorway calls back to the University of Virginia but like all of these colorways that doesn’t mean you have to be an alum to rock them. All you need it a matching fit and the spirit to be true to yourself.

Travis Scott Cactus Jack Face Mask Brown

Whether you’re heading out to meet your classmates or are staying at home and socially distant, you’ve got to have a face mask within reach during these times. This recent piece of PPE from Travis Scott is a runaway hit and a stylish way to stay safe. Plus the neutral brown tones match the vibes of the season.

KAWS Holiday Space Figure

No matter how the Homecoming game goes, winning is an attitude, not a score. We love this trio of KAWS Holiday Space Figures because they allow us to celebrate with Gold, Silver, or Black no matter the circumstance. Whether you feel like you deserve the adulation or not, the Figure is a great reminder to always shoot for the moon.


Eric Emanuel EE Basic Short Orange Navy

Between sprints at practice, a game of pass in the quad, and lounging with the squad, you have got to stay comfortable while keeping well fitted. Eric Emanuel’s never-ending release schedule of “The Best Shorts In The World” has hit every shade of every color in the rainbow, but you know we’re on that orange wave right now. Take the plunge into the deep archive of offerings with this rich orange light mesh pair that features navy and white branding on the left leg.

Nike Air Max 1 Anniversary Orange

We know that the classic Air Max 1 colorways of University Red and Sport Blue will always take first prize with real Air Max heads, but some of the later secondary colors are winners. This pair of Anniversary Orange Air Max 1s are among that highest echelon. Like the Dunks above, the combo of bright orange on a crisp white and grey foundation makes for an eye-catching look that is unparalleled in its freshness.

Nike Dunk Low Syracuse

Whether you’re a fan of ‘Cuse or just love a refreshing and peelable citrus, these orange dunks are the obvious antidote to glum weather or fall fatigue. Even if orange isn’t your school’s color, the color pops like few other shades can, and on a sneaker like the Dunk, it’s a major statement. These will make you feel like a starter with any fit. They’re clean out of the box and wear in to look even better.

Air Jordan 5 Michigan

If the University of Michigan is more your speed (Hello from Detroit!), this yellow pair of nubuck Air Jordan 5s will make you feel like pure gold – even if you come in third. Whether you call this shade of yellow “gold” or “mustard,” it fits right into the fall palette, matching the changing leaves and gilded social equity that shines with kicks as fresh as these.

Air Jordan x OFF-WHITE 1 UNC

Few sneakers have won as much over the last couple years as much as OFF-WHITE’s take on the Air Jordan 1, and while the Chicago is more famous, and the European exclusive is harder to get, it’s the University Blue colorway (also known as the UNCs) that have our heads in the clouds this season. Like a crisp, cool, tall glass of water, the interplay between the deconstructed silhouette with sky blue leather over white textiles and hits of orange just sends up straight to the heavens.

Nike x OFF-WHITE Womens NRG Short Black

You’ll probably be in uniform during the Homecoming game, but when it comes time to practice, warm-up, or cheer along the sidelines (or from the couch), you still need to look right. These shorts from OFF-WHITE and Nike are light and are just subtle enough to let your gameplay take center court. The blue drawstring with magenta aglets isn’t entirely functional, but we love a pop of color that adds the perfect bow to a sophisticated style

Louis Vuitton Slender Wallet Clouds Monogram Blue

Whenever you get active you absolutely must secure your valuables, but if you’re going to keep them at hand you want them to take up as little space as possible. This Slender Wallet from Louis Vuitton is thin enough to keep on you at all times, and the Clouds Monogram print is totally dreamy. Whether packed with dollar bills or just the daydream of future success, this is a wallet we’d be proud to take to the bank and cash out.

Nike Dunk Low Kentucky

We’ve been seeing some really poppington Dunks recently thanks to their cultural resurgence, but the Kentucky colorway is a certified classic. A part of the original roster from the 1985 release, the bold combo of blue and white is so ingrained in sneaker culture that words like “classic” and “iconic” barely touch it. The sneaker is a long time staple that will sing sartorial from this season well into the future. This is a purchase you can sit on for years and flex fresh time after time after time.


IKEA x Virgil Abloh MARKERAD “Wet Grass” Rug

If you’re staying indoors this season, you might want to consider bringing the outside in. It’s easy to miss nature inside the four walls, but the “Wet Grass” Rug from the IKEA x Virgil Abloh MARKERAD collection is a plus replacement for turf. You’ll have to grab a bunch of them if you want to replicate an entire football field inside, but a singular piece will give you just enough space to throw your own tailgate without subjecting yourself to the elements.

Nike Dunk Low Brazil

The Dunk Brazil colorway is inspired by the South American country’s flag, not by an American university, but with dozens of world-class universities in Brazil there is no reason to count this one out. On the Brazilian flag, the yellow represents material wealth and the green stands in for the country’s natural wealth of flora and fauna, making them the perfect presentation of success. A crisp pair of these Dunks will make you feel that flourish all the way down to your toes, injecting just the right amount of swag into every step.

Nike x OFF-WHITE Dunk Low Pine Green

We all know that school athletics programs are mostly an exercise in teaching mature competition, a skill that is essential post-graduation. It’s all about building towards success and when it comes to securing product, nothing offers that sense of achievement quite like grabbing a pair of OFF-WHITE sneakers. This Dunk colorway has just enough green in it to make you feel money, and tempers that bold color choice with a river of orange all over the lacing system. Whether you rock these on campus, at the office, or over a video chat, they’re a clear message to all who see: you’re swinging for the fences.

Goyard Saint Sulpice Card Case Chevron

Sometimes you want to keep a low profile, especially when it comes to flashing your funds. This Saint Sulpice Card Case from Goyard forces you to leave the cash at home and keeps your pockets from bulging. The Chevron print is a bold message to anyone that recognizes the signature look without being too obvious about it. We’ll happily keep your secret.