May 23, 2016

Sneaker Portfolios Ep2: Is DJ Skee's Collection Worth A Million Dollars?

No.  But the value of DJ Skee’s sneaker collection is probably closer to a million dollars than anyone else we know.

In our inaugural episode of Sneaker Portfolios, we visited with Hollywood superstar / quick-service burger tycoon Mark Wahlberg.  We learned that Mark owns three pairs of sneakers collectively worth more than $40,000.  That’s enough to buy nicely equipped mid-size sedan, 40,000 items from the dollar store or 3,212 complete orders at Wahlburgers of their signature “Our Burger”, side of fries and a fountain drink.  Coming soon to Detroit. In total, Mark shared with us 137 pairs from his collection and when we ran the numbers in the fall of 2015, we estimated his collection to be worth around $100K.  We’d love to pay Mark another visit and update those numbers, but for now, let’s move on to episode 2 of Sneaker Portfolios.

DJ Skee, born Scott Keeney, has a list of professional accomplishments that is as long and impressive as Dirk Diggler’s physical accomplishments.  For the uninformed, DJ Skee is a musical artist, producer, entrepreneur, radio and television host.  During his days as a radio DJ, he was credited with being the first to discover and play artists like Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber and Kendrick Lamar.  Skee is at his most visible as the host of his own YouTube channel — Skee.TV and his own weekly television show that goes by the same name, Skee TV, on Fuse.

Here’s some quick stats on DJ Skee:

  • 327K YouTube suscribers and over a billion views
  • 238K Twitter followers
  • 129K Facebook fans
  • 347K Instagram followers
  • 100+ Mixtapes produced
  • Founded Dash Radio
  • Runs a marketing agency
  • Has worked with — Wu-Tang Clan, Katy Perry, Stevie Wonder, Chris Cornell, Ice Cube, Odd Future, Snoop Dogg, Kevin Durant and the LA Lakers

Feeling like you should put down your vape pen and be a bit more productive with your life?  Wait, don’t go yet. Read the rest of this blog, then go conquer the world.

Something that we’d like to see added to his personal website or Wiki page is mention of his massive sneaker collection.  And when we say massive collection, we are underselling it.  If DJ Skee’s sneaker collection was a person, it would be The Mountain from Game of Thrones standing on George Muresan’s shoulders.  If DJ Skee’s sneaker collection was a car, it would be a Boeing triple-7.  If DJ Skee’s sneaker collection was an NBA franchise’s regular season record, it would be 74 and 8.  And so forth and so on.

For Episode 2 of Sneaker Portfolios we are honored to give you a glimpse into DJ Skee’s sneakers collection.

Over several visits with DJ Skee and his team, we were able to identify 1,328 pairs of sneakers ranging from signed sample PE’s, to chrome Dada CDubbz, to Air Mags, to Air Garnetts.  He’s got a dozen pairs of Yeezys, around 600 Jordans, 80 Dunks, 70 Air Force Ones and one pair of Kendrick Lamar’s Reebok Ventilators, for good measure.  We estimate his collection to be worth $404K.  That’s $404 followed by a K.  And we don’t mean a swinging strikeout.

Check out the segment where DJ Skee and StockX CEO Josh Luber reveal the value of his sneaker collection and then continue reading below for the in-depth analysis on the sneakerhead data.

Two important caveats before we dig into the data.

  1. Our estimates are based on the average deadstock price of every pair identified, even though not every pair is deadstock.  Put another way, this is the cost to replace Skee’s entire collection.
  2. We didn’t have time to see every single pair in Skee’s collection.  He definitely has more than 1,328 pairs, including a lot of signed pairs, game worn and PE’s stashed away.

Out of 1,328 pairs, 25 have a market value over $1000:

Skee Collection Bars


Key Insights:

  • Skee has four Air Yeezy 2s — three Pure Platinums, one Red October
  • 7 pairs are worth $2000 or more
  • 20 out of the Top 25 Most Expensive pairs are Jordans or Yeezys

DJ Skee’s breakdown of brands and sub-brands reveals some obvious preferences that anyone who has ever seen him on any size screen will agree with — dude loves Jordans.  Specifically Jordan 1’s, 4’s and 11’s.  But then again, who doesn’t.


Key Insights:

  • 47% of Skee’s collection is made up of Jordans
  • If you add up all of the Nike and Jordans, it encompasses 95% of the collection
  • Within his 99 pairs of Jordan 11, Skee has 17 pairs of Concords, 8 pairs of Cool Greys and 6 pairs of 72-10s…because, why not?
  • “Nike Other” includes pairs like — Air Mag, Yeezy 2s, Flyknit Racers, Flyknit Chukkas, etc.


Skee Pie


Key Insights:

  • Besides Specialty Pairs, which are made up of signed pairs, Adidas has the highest average price per pair at $497 of any sub-category because of Yeezys
  • Foamposites have the second highest average market price at $416
  • Jordan’s account for 55% of the total value of DJ Skee’s collection and 47% of his total number of pairs


You can see the portion of DJ Skee’s collection that StockX tracks here.  Or marvel at it’s magnificence below in card view.  We tried to include a list view but then our screen capture tool broke.


Skee Cards View