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Apparel - March 21, 2022

A Celebration of Less: Essentials Spring 22 Collection

High-quality materials, earthy hues and stripped back branding take centre stage once more for Fear of God Essentials' new Spring 2022 Drop.

High-quality materials, earthy hues and stripped back branding take centre stage once more for Fear of God Essentials' new Spring 2022 Drop.

You’d be hard-pressed to find any name across the fashion world that has recently managed to pull off the “less is more” aesthetic in a more spectacular, successful style than the Essentials arm of Fear of God.

Built on the basis of timeless wardrobe staples, Jerry Lorenzo’s back-to-basics approach to design has hit all the right notes over the last couple of years, striking a gorgeous balance that lands somewhere between sought-after streetwear and a premium luxury fashion label, without the hefty price tags of the latter.

So it’ll come as absolutely no surprise that the Essentials Spring 2022 collection follows that same winning formula. High-quality materials, those usual earthy hues and stripped back branding take centre stage once more for a collection that’ll almost certainly prove another hit for Fear of God’s little, more affordable, brother.  

Essentials Spring 22 Collection Review

While there is much familiarity about the spring lookbook—which is absolutely massive by the way—it does bring something of a landmark occasion in the brand’s history, debuting a dedicated womenswear catalogue for the very first time alongside the men’s and kid’s ranges.

Despite that addition, the usual oversized, flowing fits that feature across both the men’s and women’s offerings still capture that same unisex approach to design that’s played a major part in the sub-brand’s overwhelming popularity. 

Let’s take a closer look at what’s on offer in the latest drop, which has been humbly dubbed by Lorenzo as ‘The Stairway to Heaven’…

Fear of God Essentials Hoodies

Much of the labels’ early success has stemmed from the humble hoodie, so seeing them take centre stage again is hardly a curveball.

The signature Essentials block branding has been switched out for another flocked, typographic motif reading “1977”—representing the brand’s foundation. Inspired by vintage athletic wear, this particular hoodie template drops across an array of stunning muted palettes.

Another nice touch is that this time around, the hoodies are available in both a traditional cotton sweat material, along with a slightly more expensive soft, premium knit should you want to shell out for a little extra comfort. 

The latest range also sees the addition of the Relaxed Hoodie cut, a bound-to-be-popular inclusion that incorporates a more voluminous silhouette with no waist hem, allowing the wearer more freedom of movement.

Fear of God Essentials Tees

The signature Essentials tee has also been slightly updated, though the label’s classic fit thankfully sticks around.

There isn’t much more that needs to be said about this, Lorenzo has pretty much perfected the art of the optimal basic tee, and it’s safe to assume this is very much a case of more of the same in that department.

Some new options have been provided, however, with an American Football inspired silhouette and elongated t-shirt dress included in the women’s collection, as well as short and long-sleeve versions of the core range complete with a polo collar.

Fear of God Essentials Sweatpants

With comfort so central to the brand’s ethos, sweatpants were always going to be a prominent fixture.

Lo and behold, there are plenty of options to choose from, all coming in super comfy, super heavyweight fleece, with that minimalist vibe that’ll make styling a breeze. For the warmer weather, where you might even want to – whisper it quietly – go outside, there is also a selection of shorts, and for the first time, skirts, on offer too.

New Bits

Along with the comfort staples, Lorenzo has sought to keep things fresh and ventured into less-recognised territories, stamping his own unmistakable style on a number of new pieces.

Among them is a classic turtleneck cable jumper, adding a welcome element of sophistication, and to keep things that bit more interesting, the luxurious knit pattern boasts an exaggerated depth to it. 

There’s also a reworking of an old-school long-sleeve rugby polo, which offers even more of those college athletic looks we mentioned earlier on. 

Finally, outerwear has been checked off in insanely good-looking fashion, via a glorious mid-length storm jacket insulated with a light polyfill that offers warmth, not weight—perfect for the often confusing temperatures of springtime.

The women’s collection also features a few new and unique pieces, including a 3/4 Sleeve Mockneck, Velour Beach Shorts, and a Sports Tank top.


There’s nothing too drastic in terms of changes to the collection’s overall colour palette, more, subtle little tweaks to what has come before—just enough to keep things interesting and hook us all in again. 

In fact, there are only three colours used across the entire range. The first two—’wheat’; an earthy, grey-meets-beige tone and ‘Iron’; a deep grey that’s not quite black— play it safe and follow on seamlessly from the house style that’s come before. 

The third is a little more eye-catching. ‘Seafoam’; a faint, pastel green hue that has some serious retro charm about it, is a more than welcome addition to the lookbook.

How Does Essentials Clothing Fit?

Essentials sizing can be a little tricky, given that the pieces are designed with an oversized aesthetic in mind. The general consensus is that even with this taken into account, the pieces can run a little big, so sizing down could be wise.

Even with that being said, it’s more a case of personal taste and just how baggy you want the piece to look.