Accessories - August 31, 2020

How to Follow StockX Bag Condition Guidelines

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So, you want to Buy or Sell a handbag on StockX, but not sure if your Chanel classic flap or Louis Vuitton Neverfull meets our condition standard? You have standards, and so do we, so let’s make this easy for both of us and give you a rundown of every detail we inspect when authenticating your bag.

First things first: StockX only accepts authentic handbags in brand new condition. This means store fresh, unworn in flawless condition. Handbags must come with a branded dust bag included.

Each handbag sent to StockX undergoes a thorough inspection by our team of expert authenticators to ensure its authenticity and confirm its brand new condition. We do a full exterior condition assessment, including checking the material, stitching, corner wear, and overall shape. We also check the handles and straps, hardware condition and functionality, interior, and more.

The original dust bag is required for handbags however original tags, and/or box is optional as they will vary depending on the original purchase location. We do require any original accessories that may have been included by the manufacturer, straps, lock and key, pouches, etc. unless specified on the product page otherwise.

Items can be refused for broken parts, not meeting condition guidelines, not including required original accessories like straps or detachable pouches or for not having a legible serial code.

When it comes to older styles and vintage items, over 10 years old, “brand new” can include minor signs of shelf aging, including slight darkening of vachetta leather on Louis Vuitton items however there should be no signs of use.


We only accept authentic bags – no items with missing or illegible serial codes, blind stamps, or date codes.



The bag’s exterior must show no signs of use. Bags should be free from scratches and scuffs, with no staining or marks.

The original color and/or print should not have any fading or discoloration. All stitching, embellishments, and/or embroidery should be intact. The original structure and shape of the bag should be perfect with no deflating, slouching, or creasing present.

Bags should not have any personalization, such as initial monogramming.

Leather stains




Corners are a key indicator of use. There should be no discoloration, holes, tears or split piping. Textured or pebbled leather corners must show no smoothness or balding.

Textured leather corners



In addition to maintaining their original shape, handles and straps should not show any signs of use, meaning they will be free from discoloration, stains, peeling, splitting, or separating.

There should be no signs of cracking, wrinkling, or selective patina (darkening) on leather straps, while textile straps should have no piling.




The interior of bags should be flawless with no markings, stains, or scratches. All stitching should be intact, and pockets, as well as zippers, must have perfect shape and function.

Bags must be free from all odors, including cigarette smoke, perfume, or the pungent smell of mothballs.



All metal hardware should be fully functional and free from any signs of use including discoloration, scratching, or rust. No bags with broken or missing metal hardware or zippers will be accepted. Any original accessories, such as lock and key must be included.

Hardware scratches

Hardware feet



If your handbag was originally purchased with an additional strap, pouch, or lock and key it must be included with your order.

We do require the original dust bag when Selling your handbag on StockX. Original tags, and/or box is optional as they will vary depending on the original purchase location.


When Selling an Hermes Birkin or Kelly on StockX we require all of the original packaging and accessories to be sold with it. This requirement includes the orange box, tissue paper, original dust bag for the bag itself, felt protector, smaller dust bag for the clochette/lock, and the raincoat in the plastic bag.


StockX only accepts accessories and small leather goods in brand new condition. This means store fresh, unworn in flawless condition. The original dust bag, original tags, and/or box is optional and not required for accessories and small leather goods as packaging may vary depending on the original purchase location. This includes but is not limited to wallets, card cases, and belts.


Belts follow bag condition guidelines above. They should show no signs of use and have their original structure intact. The original belt loop must be attached and all belt holes will be thoroughly inspected for use with no stretching or extra punched holes accepted. Additionally, we do not accept trimmed belts.

Belt holes

Belt shape



Wallets follow bag condition guidelines above. They should show no signs of use and have their structure intact, including pockets, which should not be stretched out or indicate any signs of wear. No personalization will be accepted.

wallet interior